Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Crawl Under a Hole Day

If anyone is looking for me - I will be in that hole, just hiding out.

What a freaking day!

Started out with NO coffee.

Then spent 5 hours in heels. 4 of those hours I had to deal with some serious attitudes.

Then cramming several projects into 30 minutes - only to leave the office late for a meeting, got lost, then had to deal with the aftermath.

Only to come home, check my email and find other fires to put out.
Called family - dad's BP is off the charts, as well as his blood sugar.

Then discovered that I forgot at least 5 other things..

Yes..yes.. I did not have my A game on today.

Can I just hide in a hole... ?

What? That's not possible... fine.. I will suffer through the next 3 days then go on a 2 week vacation.

(Seriously - I am taking 2 weeks.)

PS - maybe I just need a little fairy to sit on my shoulder telling me I am a wonderful person. ;-)


Robin said...

You're a wonderful person. Not coming from a fairy or your shoulder, but...

Leanne said...

psst... you're wonderful.

pssst... NO coffee? Well, no wonder your day went as it did! Girlfriend, we must NOT allow that to happen again.

psssst... hang in there! You're almost done and on vaca! Life will be so much better for you then, I'm sure of it.

Dizzy C said...

Hoping tomorrow is a calmer day for you.

Anonymous said...

Feel you girl... I feel you.
Sorry you had such a crappy day :/


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