Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cutting the Cords

There comes a point in every parent's life where they have to cut the cords, even if it is just for a little. The little birdie has to fly on it's own, and trust that you have given it every thing it needs to take flight.

It is sort of the same when you are married to an immigrant.

The egyptian is going through the process to finalize his teaching certification in America. His degree is in English Language & Literature with another concentration in Translation. He speaks 3 languages. He is certified to teach in the middle east.

Luckily, the Islamic Academy (private) school has hired him to be a "fill in" teacher, with the possibility of a full time position. But with all private schools, the pay is not the best. He wants to work in a public school as a high school teacher.

I have taken him everywhere he needs to go. He has called and requested all the right forms - but there comes a time when my knowledge of how this works comes to an end.

I am tired. I know it is an investment in my future too, but I can't do it all or hold his hand through it all. I know, I know.. some of you may be thinking that is kind of harsh. What I mean to say is, he has got to take some initiative and try on his own. It makes him nervous to call the State Board in Montgomery and ask questions. Yes, he speaks English - but he is very insecure about his accent. I am sure that is why he prefers to spend time with his Arabic speaking friends. (As most immigrants do - they stick with their own.)

It is finally time for him to step up and make something happen. I see his anxiety, I see his insecurity - he even reached out last night and told me how he felt. He's just scared.. scared he will fail.

He looked at me and said, "What kind I life can I provide for you? In America, I am nothing."


Telisa said...

Please remind him that is what makes America so great; Today he is "nothing", but tomorrow he could be ANYTHING. Sure, he has some obstacles, but anything is possible here. That's why everyone wants to come here!!!

Robin said...

I was going to say something, but I read Telisha's comment and I will just say, "What she said!"

Carol said...

Wow, he's honest. Very difficult for a man to say that. Give him some credit for that one.

yeah, what she said can be true.

Try to be patient and love him through it...you'll be glad you did.

Carol-the gardener

Leanne said...

I agree with Carol. And Telisa and Robin (you've got some great readers here.) Be there for him - encourage him - believe in him.


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