Monday, December 20, 2010

Calculated Steps

"Choices are the hinges of destiny." ~ Pythagoras

How hard is it to strategically make a decision?

I find it quite difficult. At first I am freaked, acting like a kid trapped in a room with no doors and windows. Wandering.. beating on the walls, yelling for help. That's how I feel when I am first confronted with a difficult decision.

Then I move into the multiple choice stage. I run scenarios (from every angle) through my head. I voice them, I mentally write them down, I run them by other people.

Then I give up. I go through a phase where I resist. Decide I will not decide. Stand there with my arms crossed and lip poked out.

Then somehow, the fog clears. I pull out my mental file of the multiple choices and try to sort through the clutter. What is workable and what is not.

Then I set a plan in place. I decide what my first step is and what outcome I hope to obtain.  I proceed accordingly.

It doesn't make it any easier when there is the absolute fear of failure. I feel unprepared most of the time. I have the knowledge, but not the tools.

The main tool I want is a safety net - and unfortunately, I have not acquired one. I could have.. but I have not.

So for the next seven months I need to find a safety net. Build this net. Give myself something to fall on. That is the goal.

What about you? When you are posed with a situation/problem - how do you react? What "tools" do you use?


TV's Take said...

Hmm, I'm curious what's actually behind this post...but I'm sure we will find out. Tools I use to overcome the fear of change and transition, well after the initial, "I do wanna..." I dive right in. Hope you are making some progress here.

Annie Joy said...

Wonderful that you know what your tools are! I've never thought it through, but mine seem to be many of the same. The challenge (for me, at least) would seem to be deciding (again, that word!) which to use and to not get into a pattern of going back through the process again and again.

Leanne said...

When faced with change, I usually grab it by the hand and run with it. I think it's exciting - and good for my soul. I know I am not the norm in this feeling, but I do welcome it. When faced with a situation/problem, I tend to hit it face on, as well. I don't dwell - because the reality is that I must address it, and move on. I'm big with pros/con lists and plans - we always have to have a plan (and PG and the girls think I'm silly - but even on the weekends, we sit at the kitchen table and discuss, over coffee, what we want to accomplish.) Staying focused (but not wasting energy on things out of my control) is so important to me.

Thinking of you.

Holly said...

I can relate with that initial response. Then I become OCD and overly PLAN until it gets down to the wire and if I down REALLY PUSH it... NOTHING will get accomplished. *sigh* I drive me crazy!! LOL!!

Kamila said...

When I have problems and decision making.. I always work my conscience and guilty feelings... I hate being too risky to make mistakes... I always choose the idea that will make everybody happy... or idea that seems so right..


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