Monday, December 20, 2010

Vacation 101

I need to relax. I am just not sure how to.

If it were up to me - I would drive on home (Georgia) and just do the family/friend thing, then hurry back and just become a slug for the remainder of my time off.

But no, I have to wait- and waiting is not my strong point.

Somehow in all of this (and because I am a kind person *scratching of the throat*) I agreed to do a favor for a friend and babysit her kids while she fills out some paperwork for her job with Delta. So for two hours I get to hang with a 6 year old and a 4 year old. Say a prayer for me.

I decided to go ahead and help her out, because at least it gets me across town to my car dearlorship. I plan to go get the little bug an oil change. I suppose I could get her spiffed up before the trip. THEN - finally come home and chillax.

Perhaps Wednesday I can do the laundry, clean the house a bit and just netflix the day away. Then Thursday in the am - I pray to GOD that the egyptian gets his butt in gear so we can hit the road.

Though we all know, I am about to drive into more stress. Visiting family is never a blast - hopefully this Christmas will be different.. right? I get enough stress living with an arab.. it would be nice to see smiles and hear a kind word, ya know?

I am only half joking about the stress and all...

I just feel like being alone this Christmas. Completely and utterly alone.

No one else in sight.

Is that wrong? ;-)


Leanne said...

Nope, not at all. Next year, I decided I'm going to spend it someplace warm, preferably on a beach, or in a pool, with a pool bar near. Somewhere where PG, the girls and I can just relax . . . no family. no phones. no snow. It's snowing AGAIN tonight - at least 6 inches.

So, nope . . .not at all.

Dream on, girl. I'll be dreaming, too.

Anonymous said...

do what makes you happy and what is best for you. =)

Anonymous said...

Nope. Nothing wrong with wanting to be alone at all.

Sometimes being with people all the time is exhausting.


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