Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Spam Comments and Other Blog Annoyances

As my little corner of the blog-o-sphere grows, and the more I learn about how this whole "writing" social network works, I find.. as always in my life.. there are a few little annoyances.

1. Spam comments. Seriously? Do you think any of us are going to fall for the ad from escorts or travel agencies, etc? The only reason I took off the captcha stuff was to make it easy and quicker for my peeps to comment, now every wacko wants to leave crap. Thank God the Spam filter picks up most... but there are a few that slide in.

2. Following then unfollowing. What is up with that? Have you noticed how your numbers will sometimes change in a day - then change back. I would prefer if the person who decided to follow me would just stick with it - or don't. It's that simple. Makes you wonder - why did they leave? Then I get a complex about it. ;-)

3. Blog Hop Politics. Sooo... I might visit your blog, but that does mean I will follow you. Yes, I will leave a comment if I visit. Now, I welcome you to visit me, leave a comment and let me know you care.. and you do not have to follow me. BUT - don't visit me, leave a comment for me to follow you back, follow me... then wait it out. You check to see if I am following you or not, and when I don't - you quit following me. WHAT? LOL I feel like I am in middle school again typing that.

4. Soooo many memes. Sometimes I look forward to the good old days of coming up with your own stuff. Or memes that last forever. It's kind of fun at first, then it gets old.

5. Lack of substance. Lord knows I am guilty of this one. It is hard to come up with something really riveting everyday. I guess I need to learn to just take a break as needed.

6. People (this one goes out to my sister) who start a blog, it is a really good blog, then decide they don't like it. Then delete it. Then start another.... then another... then another..???? FOLLOW THROUGH. Hang in there.

7. Putting a theme on your blog is a tough one. You better be ready to hold on tight. A few of you do it well. If I follow you and you have I theme - I think you do it well!! :-)

8. Not networking. Come on people - it's fun! I have truly enjoyed my community of writers. (PS - if you do not blog, and you just enjoying reading... that's great too! But there are several networking groups and it is a lot of fun!)

9. Featured blogs that make you scratch your head and go, "Huh?" That's when a blog network showcases a blog that they feel deserves attention. Some of these are high on the fluff side.

10. Blogs you have grown to love, then the writer falls off the face of the earth without even so much as a "Hey I am taking a break" post.

That's it. My little vent du jour. Which one of these do you agree with and what would you add to the list?


Anonymous said...

No offense taken to #6... I am wishy-washy with blogging. I am certainly not a die-hard blogger, but I do enjoy it when I can motivate myself to do it! As I grow I find myself out-growing blogs I have created. You know me- always trying to reinvent myself! I do believe Hearth Story is where I want to be. Only time will tell!

Leanne said...

I "get" and agree with so many of these things on your list. I recently moved my "followers" to the very very bottom of my blog, because I decided that I was beginning to get a little bummed each time I opened my blog to see that I was "stuck" at 152 followers for months now. Then the next day, I was at 151. It really made me sad. So I decided that I needed to move it out of site, because I realize that I don't do this for "followers" - I write for me. And I'm so thrilled with the 15 or so GREAT BLOG FRIENDS and loyalty we have with eachother. I'm happy to just have this small true group and keep living like that! You bring up some other really great points in this post, though. I'd comment more, but then maybe I should just write my own post about it instead! ;) Have a good day, dear!

Jen G-son said...

I've just now started to "network" so I don't have much of an opinion yet...we'll see. What do you mean by "theme" though?

Nicole said...

Theme as in Food Blog, or Craft Blog.. or something like that!

I think it is really difficult to do - and I only know a hand full who actually do it well!

Jo-anne (Blossy) said...

I totally agree with you Nicole, especially with themed blogs. They are really hard to keep going and to keep interesting. There are some truly great themed blogs out there but plenty that aren't.


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