Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor is my fun day....

Here we are - the ceremonial end of summer.
Yep. That's about all I can say. My summer was less than exciting. Wait - what am I saying? What a negative nelly I am!
I got married and my Yasser moved here from Egypt. Geez.. that negative attitude is really kicking in.
I am trying, really really hard - to be a little more positive. It is sooo not easy. So I decided to revert back to my childhood. The more care free days. The picture above reminds me of those days. Bright colors, roller skates, etc.
If I were a kid - Labor Day would be rocking. So - in turn, I will make mine rock. I invite my english friends and their children over to go swimming. Crystal is stopping by. We will make the best of it all.
I just woke up - so my desire to go swimming is not there. I am sure once the "blood gets flowing" I will be a happy girl and splashing in the pool with the swine flu germs..
There I go again.

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