Friday, September 25, 2009

How do you define yourself?

See the pic at the left? That is my face.
If you saw this picture for the first time, you might think I was into horses, rodeos and frequented country-western dives.
That assumption would define me. Labels. Stereotypes - whatever you want to call it.
But no, that is not really a picture of me. I am actually terrified of horses. I think rodeos are public spectacles that abuse animals legally. You will never find me country line dancing.
So how can I describe myself?
I have been struggling with this for two days now. I was asked to speak at the PRCA (Public Relations Society of Central Alabama) - and a bio and headshot was requested. I got the biggest kick out of sending something funny. Nooooo.. I would never actually do it. But it was really funny to think about it.
I was trying to find inspiration for this mini-bio. For fun, I began looking at my friends descriptions, in particular - my more "creative" friend descriptions:
My sister - I am a penniless poet/painter wandering the beaches of life in search of buried treasure!
My friend Tere (co-worker)- Do I know me?
My friend Angela (college friend/ex roomate/fellow writer) - Hmmm, let's see. I'm excessively positive and can attribute my happiness to being grateful each day for every little thing. I'm double jointed and used to have a fear of down escalators, I hate raisins and celery, but love Moose Tracks ice cream. I have one tattoo, but would like more. I love my two boys and my husband more than anything, except Christ. I'm active in our church where I've been blessed with great friends and supporters as well as a new and improved understanding and faith in God.
My friend Ashley (co-worker) - I'm a reader, writer, marketer, and general advocate of being productive, even when I'm not. I have cats instead of kids and a wonderful boyfriend.
My friend Nancy (co-worker)- I currently focus on several campaigns including Go Red For Women (women & heart disease prevention) and the Alliance For A Healthier Generation (childhood obesity initiative). I am fortunate to have the opportunity to encourage people to live healthier lives. I love what I do and hope you will join Go Red @
My friend Brad (high school friend) - I like chicken wings and weekends.
My friend Chad (high school friend)- I'm an 11.4 handicap.
My friend Brent (professional friend from the TV days)- Moved to Nashville,Tennessee from Atlanta,Georgia... in 2004... Grew up in Warner Robins, Georgia ...went to Lee University...I am Executive Director for an educational non-profit in Nashville and own a promotional event company.I grew up singing in churches throughout the United States and Europe and acting on the stage. I have been in over 50 musicals and toured as Seymour in "Little Shop of Horrors"... I like new and original music... acoustic guitar..... like to hang out and have a good time with friends and give back to the community!
My friend Trent (college friend) - Husband of the most beautiful woman in the world. Actor. Director. Teacher. Lived in NYC. Got married. Went to grad school in Florida. Got professorship in New Jersey. Moving to Jersey. Sick of Florida. Bring on the change of seasons.
My friend Craig (artist and overall cool guy)- Talented, Creative, Unique, and Awesome are the words my friends most frequently use when describing me. (*blush*) Talented, Scary, Weird, and Intimidating are the words the kids in high school used to describe me. (~funny how a few years changes things) My mom describes me as Talented, Compassionate, and Extremely Well Read. Talented. (~yes I am! ...and I DRAW well, too!) ;-) The word I would use to describe myself would be... Symbolic!! I am an Artist more than anything else. Ive been drawing since I was 6. I started formal private Art lessons at 13. When I was 17, I started working as an illustrator for the local paper. By the time I was 20, I had left the foundation year at Atlanta College of Art to begin my career drawing comics. (~ as well as a LOT of other strange and unusual things!) I am blessed to do what I love for a living, but I have had to carve a lot of self-discipline and faith out of my soul to bear it to being. I value the beauty of nature above all else. I believe in the ideals of the Bohemian Revolution: Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and Love! I'm a night owl and a cat on the prowl. I give out before I give up. I am a Southern Gentleman. I am very spiritual; described best as a Buddist Neo-Pagan Jedi. I can be undiplomatic at times, and that's probably my greatest personality flaw. I don't believe that Art is for the masses and Warholism represents the death of art in the twentieth century. I live and work in a beautiful 109 year-old house in my hometown which I adore. I have a remarkable feline companion named Tuesday.
Okay.... sooo you get the picture. I picked a BIG range of friends (interests/lifestyle/etc.)
But how can I define myself?
In my About Me section I wrote:
I am complicated and passionate about life. - I am fiercely loyal to my friends. - I am obessed with travel and photography.- I have a wicked sense of humor.- I LOVE to dance and I am currently learning Flamenco.- I have hosted 14 students (exchange students) from all over the world. I guess you could say I collect interesting people. I love to surround myself with people who absolutely fascinate me.- I am a warrior when it comes to animal rights, international human rights and religious tolerance. I am a BIG believer in the 1st amendment.- I am madly in love with the most wonderful man I have ever met - Yasser Abdou. - I love to learn about religions. I speak a little french, italian, russian, thai and I am trying to learn Arabic.- I could live off boxed mac & cheese- Also important to know - I really dislike anything that is ordinary.
Or does what I do define me?
American Heart Association
Marketing & Communications Director
Time Period:
October 2006 - Present
Birmingham, AL
State of Alabama - I handle all external communications/cause marketing, media relations.
Or what about my interests?
I really enjoy:- reading- writing- traveling- good conversation fueled by even better coffee- photography- dancing (Flamenco in particular)- watching others perform Karaoke- the Sims- getting lost in libraries or old book sales- documentaries- reality television- swimming
Maybe it is the activities I am involved in?
As of late I am settling into a "newly married" lifestyle. I read for hours on end and spend countless afternoons at the library. I volunteer for the Greater Birmingham Humane Society (dog walker) and Prince of Peace Catholic Church (youth leader). I take Flamenco dance lessons from Irene Rimer. I am a Freedom Writer for Amnesty International and I am a member of the "You're the Cure" network with the American Heart Association. I am a full-time cynic and I love to blog. Swimming, Yoga, Gossiping and Tennis are other activities I engage in..
Heck - I don't even know anymore.
Definition: Nicole Abdou. 36. Destination Unknown.

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