Thursday, September 10, 2009

Not really sure..

Actually, I am not really sure what I will blog about.
Normally, I take care of my daily rant in the am well it is 3:19pm and there is simply nothing to say.
Nothing I should say.
September did decide to show it's cursed little face. Between financials, a tree falling on my car, work stress, family stress, friend stress - it is amazing I can still keep my sense of humor. Though even in the worst of times, I was always able to keep that.
I know I have a choice - I can either keep a semi-good attitude and deal with life as it comes.. or I can pout, kick, scream, rant & rave. I think I usually fall somewhere in the middle. I can still makes jokes, but really I want to scream.
But that's what life is all about right?? I thought when Yasser got here - and oh how naive this thought was - that it did not matter what happened, I had my love. Yes, I am sooo blessed to have this man. It is amazing to wake up to him. Somedays I want to smother him with a pillow - but I know me, I would immediately proceed to give him CPR. I love him. Plain and simple.
But we are getting dealt some blows that are hard and testing my faith. That's when it hit me. My faith. That's all I know for certain is that God loves me. I know it sounds so silly to my cynical agnostic friends. But man - there is comfort in that knowledge. If it is silly - so be it. I like it. I like where I am. I am happy to be a believer.
I really don't know what else to say today. I think the whole tree thing - and just two hours later I am on the phone with my boss getting grilled about contracts and sponsorships for another hour - I think mentally I am spent. Just tired. Spent.
Maybe once I rest, eat a proper meal and shower I will have a better attitude. Right now - nah.

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