Monday, September 21, 2009


I think Mother Nature is trying to cleanse the earth this week. Non stop rain for the entire week.

I have to admit- this is the one time driving a VW bug can get annoying. I have this visual of me actually floating away.

God willing I will make through the week. If necessary, I can stop by Dick's Sporting Goods and purchase a pair of oars.

Moving on...
I am really very excited about a few items. Silly items, but the excitement is here none the less.
1. Fall Festivals. I made a list of all of the "Pumpkin Patch" and "Autumn" festivals in the area. Most are free. I definitely think I need to take a gander at one. I also need to bring my egyptian with me. I want him to see how a community celebrates the changing of the seasons. I am just chomping at the bits to see some orange, purple and gold hues.
2. Ethnic Festivals. This has to be my favorite. Oktoberfest, The Greek Festival, The Middle Eastern Festival, and Fiesta (Latino Festival) is all around the corner. Nothing like a few brats with beer, gyros with baklava, hummus and tahina, with a side of guac. I am very excited about the Arabic Band from NYC to perform at the Mid-East fest. I think Yass will love this.
3. Grease. Oh how I loved the movie, memorized all the songs, and used to play dress up as a kid (with the Grease theme in mind.) I get to go see the Broadway Across America performance at the BJCC on Tuesday!
4. Rent. This week Crystal is also taking me to see Rent with the Red Mountain Theater Company. I am thrilled to see two of my favorite musicals this week!
5. Destin/Fort Walton Beach, Florida. I am heading to Destin the first weekend in October. Just Yass, Crystal and I. There is a Seafood Festival and of all bands - Joan Jett & the Black Hearts are performing. We are super pumped!
6. My Halloween Party - yes - I have a theme. Web of Terror, and I, my gentle readers, will be the Black Widow spider. Muhahahaha. Details to come later.
7. I have an appointment with a cardiologist on the 16th of Oct. I am very excited about finally kicking this blood pressure thing in the bottom.
8. I am going to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity this weekend!
9. I think I may be out of the weeds at work. This may have bought me one more quarter.
10. Finally - I will be finalizing our immigration papers for Yasser.
All of this is sooo good!
PS- note the pic above, I am very pumped about New Moon coming out in Nov. Woo Hoo

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