Saturday, September 19, 2009

What next?

Yesterday was one tough day. As you can see from my previous two entries, I got hit with some interesting decisions to make.

Then last night - another. My special someone is ready roll. Not so much in the USA - but elsewhere. That means, there maybe an international move.

I don't necessarily think this will come to pass. But it is up for discussion. I agree, everyone needs to feel needed and have a purpose. When all of the doors are shut in your face, it is hard to make that happen.

I think we are back where we were a year ago. The "hurry up and wait" game. This time, I am happy - I have my egyptian and I have my job (at least for now) and I have my home and my cute little car. I have my friends and family nearby. But my "love" has no purpose. That can effect so many things.

This is where I have to be strong and encourage him. I swear, I wish I knew of some small little job where someone could pay him a few bucks a week to just do a service for them. But I don't. If I were back home - I am sure we could find some small work. I am not talking illegal stuff - I mean something like assisting with some project and making a few $$.

I have encouraged volunteering. But that seems to be a foreign concept. I thought - well - you would at least get out of the house, and feel like you are contributing to society. But the idea of work without pay is preposterous to him.

I am glad there are some "fun" activities coming up. I hope these things bring inspiration and a sense of "something" to do. We will go to see one of the traveling Broadway series shows - "Grease" next week. "Rent" is also next week at the Red Mountain Theater. Then the first weekend in October we are traveling to Fort Walton Beach/Destin for a quick get-away. Then the Greek Festival is next weekend, Fiesta is soon after that with the Middle Eastern Festival the following week. Lots of good stuff. Not to mention all of the haunted houses will be open soon.

I pray God will bless us with a sense of contentment for him. I need him to feel stable and wanted and ... oh.. this is where men fall apart. They have to have a job. They have to feel like they can provide. Let me tell you, after having a ex who was the exact opposite - it is so nice to be with a man who really cares and intends to take care of our home. He is such a good man. He has a heart of gold. But he has been thrown some obstacles in his life. I hope he can hold on to get to the next part.

I am not sure what else I can say.

I need your prayers peeps. Also- if there are any "side jobs" of something small (raking leaves, sitting with the elderly, running errands, etc.) please share with us. Just something. Anything.

Much love...


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