Sunday, September 13, 2009

In Search of the Prettiest Cupcake.

I am in search of the most beautiful cupcake known to mankind. The criteria for this bite-sized delicacy is quite strict.
I require:
1. Beautiful colors
2. Something feminine - as in the add ons.
3. Cream Cheese icing
4. Strawberry cake
5. Most importantly - sprinkles.

I have YET to find my perfect cupcake.
Whenever I go to the library, I make a point to check out a new cupcake recipe book. I am sure the feds checking out my library list when running security checks on me before Yasser- found an odd array of choices: Greg Iles; Global Warming; War & Peace; Catholic Catechism; How to Make Delicious Cupcakes.
Ever since I was a little girl - I have been thrilled to find cupcakes. Luckily - that seems to be the "treat" of choice at many elementary schools. However, I am rarely around little ones, so my craving for the petite cake is rarely fulfilled. Nor do I purchase them when I am out and about.
To my knowledge, there are no "cup cake" specialty shops in Birmingham. If someone knows of one - please let me know!

Well.. until I find my perfect cupcake - here's to hoping!
Have a great day!

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