Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Just the other day I was bragging about how we are saving money bu cutting so many things out. Ha! Well now, my gentle readers, my recession is making me extremely bored.
And hungry.
My main complaint right now - no coffee and no cable. Oh yes. I am without both.
I think the "ill" feelings toward the world are about to erupt.
I miss 'Clean House.' I LOVED Neesy and her fun little mantra - "How do I do all that I do?" I miss Stacy & Clinton on 'What Not to Wear.' Where else can I see the fashionably disabled get a new look? I want to watch Paranormal State and see Ryan and his team attack the demons from beyond. I need my Anthony Bourdain - with his snide remarks and cool demeanor as he hops from fascinating country to the next in 'No Reservations.' What about those days I might want to watch Bear tackle the wild and drink his on urine in 'Man versus Wild.'
I am lost without them. I miss them.
Then coffee - omg - my coffee. Here is the deal. When we ran out, we decided to wait until the next payday to buy our "luxury" items. For now, we have everything that we need for nourishment. I DON'T HAVE COFFEE. It is killing me. I have been trying to see good - but I cannot see any good without this sweet nectar of the gods.
Speaking of the hungry part - I want junk food. Oh yes. There is absolutely no junk food here. For that I have no words.
So here I sit - learning to go without. Self sacrificing. During the egyptian's holy month of Ramadan. I guess this is my form of fasting. No cable, no coffee, no junk food.
In turn, this makes me B-O-R-E-D.
I guess I will head to work now... there is that crappy red diamond coffee there.... blah...

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