Sunday, September 27, 2009


I don't have a picture that could possibly describe the type of day I am having.

It has been strange, good, exhausting, and down right dirty.

Let me begin -

Miracle upon miracles - I woke up on time to get to the church by 7:15am. I am still shocked I was able to pull it off, but I did. Today was the Prince of Peace youth group's service project - Habitat for Humanity. If you are not familiar with Habitat, please check out the link. Collen, Christiana and I led 6 other youth to a neighborhood known as Avondale in Birmingham. We met the Grimmet family and began working on a "home" for them. I thought - okay, I will spend the day painting, or even hammering a few nails.


We drove up and lo and behold there was hardly a foundation for the home. I am not sure what you call it when all you have a bricks in one complete square - and that's all. (Looks like a crawl space, etc.) But that is exactly what we had.

We were told by the leader - Jack - to make the work site safe. This was literally day one of construction. *sigh*

As a very small - female dominate group - we proceeded to lift and remove cinder blocks from the property. These things weigh - at least 20 pounds, are filthy and caked with mud. Let's not forget we are slipping and sliding through the mud (apparently it rained the night before.

Next job - stack bricks. We found bricks all over the property, and we began to form another little wall.

Then the bottom fell out of the sky.

We proceed to the "crawl space" and begin to level the dirt - or red clay. This was next to impossible - but we tried. Literally, in a torrential down pour, in mud up to our knees, we dug and dug and tossed the dirt.

5 hours later - we head home.


I walked in my house and I think Yass thought I was learning how to mud wrestle - covered in mud from head to toe.

After a warm shower, power nap and cup of coffee - Yass and I went to see Surrogates. I have to say I would give it an 8.5. It was interesting, entertaining and a okay story line.

I guess all in all - it's been a pretty decent day. I have tried to keep to myself most of the day. Enjoying the egyptian's improved state of mind.

I've got a hard week ahead of me, and I am hoping to savor this weekend and all of it's small blessings.

Even if it involved me sludging through someone else's mud pit.

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