Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What I crave the Most!

I am on a guacamole quest. Apparently I crave it every single day. I truly believe I could live off guac, salsa, and a diet pepsi and be perfectly content.
It made me think of the random cravings I get from time to time. Where I will actually spend my last dollar (intended for gas) on something YUMMY or even something Imust DO!
Compulsive is what I would classify it as!
Here is a list of the items that I crave!!!!! If you know where I should go to try some of these items - please let me know - even if it is in another town/state/country!!
1. Guacamole. Now - I insist on the kind without tomatoes. Most important. The creamier the better. In Birmingham: Hacienda, Iguana Grill and La Fiesta. Yummmmm... In Macon - Polly's La Mesa. If you have more suggestions - please tell me!!
2. Salsa. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Salsa at Iguana Grill. Following with Hacienda.. then La Fiesta. The last two have lots of cilantro - a must for me. The first - (the one with black stuff in it - educate me, my latino friends, what is it - and why do I want to inject it into my veins??)
3. Coffee - STRONG coffee. Definitely with cream. Specifically a few items at Starbucks: Caramel Macchiato (sp), Cappuccino, White Mocha, Frapps, hell... who am I kidding - the whole damn menu!!
4. Diet cola. Yep. Ice cold. I like the way it burns your throat going down.. the icy cold splash on your tongue... *sigh*
5. Sour Cream & Onion chips with a ranch-style dip. Holy Moly - that is da bomb.
6. Margarita.
7. Mac & cheese - Kraft. In the box, with the orange powder. Oh yeah. Get this - I put a little cayenne pepper in mine or vinegar to spice it up, and woo hoo - heaven in a bowl. LOL
8. NuWay hot dogs in Macon, GA. That oniony, chili topping on a red stroke-causing hot dog. Lord.. I would drive home to get one now if I had the gas in my car!!
9. The Orange cheese dip at Polly's La Mesa. This is true TEX MEX.
10. Rotell cheese dip thingy - the way Lynn makes it.
11. My mom's layered Salad.
12. tiramisu - I love to get the kind made at Publix
13. Tatziki sauce. - the best remains in a Greek restaurant in Alexandria, Egypt
14. Tahina - yasser's mom's. Though, Hesham's recipe runs a close second.
15. Hummus - The kind I buy at Whole Foods in the can.
16. Goat cheese with dill sprinkled - My creation
17. fried pickles - The best are the chips.. not the spears.
18. Prime Rib at J. Alexanders
19. Salad bar at Jason's Deli
20. Those coconut ice cream bars in the "spanish" grocery store
21. My friend Ari's Indonesian cooking
22. Greek Salad from Johnny Ray's
23. My taco salad
24. My granny's pound cake.
25. The Lemon Cake at Whole Foods
26. Gelato at Cafe Gelatoooo in Savannah
27. Milo's Sweet Tea
... I am sure I could keep going.... this is just installment #1!!!

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