Sunday, September 6, 2009

I wish I had a big wheel..

Man.. today is the type of day that I wish I was 5 and I had a Big Wheel.
I woke up this morning, the sun is shining, there is a cool breeze, and the neighborhood is quiet.
If I were a kid - this would be the perfect time to grab my big wheel and take her for a spin.
This neighborhood would have been da bomb for such an escapade: hills, grassy knolls, tight curves - man - I can see it now.
That is the hard part of being an adult. If I want to do something fun - nine times out of ten it will cost money. I have spent the majority of my adult spending. I am definitely not a person who was contributing to the recession. Shopping was an occupation for me. I LOVE clothes. I love jewelry. I have more purses than you can imagine. Shoes - lol - love them too. I have sooooo many books (and yes, I read them all.) I have 100s - I kid you not - 100s of movies.
Since the Egyptian came to town, I am learning to live a simpler life. That is his thing. So - I went from 4 very large bookshelves to one. The Hoover Library is the proud owner of half of my book collection. These books are now in the "book store" where you can buy books. Makes me happy to know it is part of the money that goes to maintaining that fabulous coffee cafe in the library.
Then I did contribute a bag or two to the Salvation Army. I did learn from someone who used to work in PR for the SA that 98% of all donations/$$$ collected goes back into the community. I chose them as my donation spot. I have also cleaned out half of my shoes and over half of my wardrobe.
I even got rid of some beautiful comforters (one was imported from India and made of this amazing silk.) *sigh* But it's good... right? The next step - I went through all of my old movies and I have four big garbage bags and one really large container full to donate. The egyptian is having me hold onto them for a few weeks, because he wants to go through them - see the movies he has never seen - then we can donate. So I am stuck with one really big container in my living room.
I guess once all of the "stuff" is gone - I can do what the economist are suggesting, SAVE. But saving means cutting out the other stuff we love. Yass and I were going to about 3 movies a week. We stopped. I tend to buy a Starbucks coffee at least every other day - I have cut that down to once a week. We would sometimes go bowling - now we will only go on the $2 night. We do not go to night clubs due to the cover charge (heck I don't order any drinks anymore because it offends him - so that is a HUGE savings, and well - probably good for both my waistline and pocket book.) We are only going out to eat- maybe - once every two weeks. I cut out my Flamenco class until after that HUGE medical bill is payed off. I cancelled my NetFlix. I canceled the gym membership. We cancelled cable. (kept the wireless.)
All in all we have made some changes. These items will come back - but slowly and only after I learn to live without. LOL Isn't that funny. He is trying to teach me to live below my means. It is hard to teach an old dog new tricks. I assume I will be the better person for it after it happens.
I even find myself shopping for veggies at the Farmer's Market. Getting bread at the discount bakery. Purchasing eggs, milk, etc at Aldi's. Buying bulk at Sams. Getting gourmet cheese (which is still a staple in our home) from the Mediterranean Market. (It's cheaper due to demand.)
I guess this morning I was pondering what it would be like to be that care free kid again. The little girls riding that big wheel through her neighborhood. (Granted, I only had a red tricycle when I was small) - but you get the picture.
I need to find more "free activities." I do frequent the library versus Barnes & Nobles (:-( )I do take advantage of the $1 movie theater. I have made a small list of festivals in the fall for the weekend.
Come on people - I need some ideas fast!!
Until then - it is BIG Wheel fantasies...


April said...

Good luck on your money saving journey! I am overall a frugal person, I am always trying to find ways to save money or make it myself or cut corners or find an alternative. It just comes naturally to me. To me, saving money=better future. But the other day I was watching something on tv about compulsive shoppers and how they can relate there addictions back to childhood "traumas" such as parents who made them buy everything used or made them go dumpster diving. Then I rented "Confessions of a Shopaholic" and it was about a girl who's mother was very cheap and she always dreamed about growing up and owning a credit card. So now I am wondering if I am going to traumatize my daughter with too much frugalness lol. We don't go dumpster diving (for the record).

Nicole Thurston Abdou said...

LOL - I think my need to buy comes back to my mom always not allowing me to purchase anything. Went clothes shopping once a year. Got Christmas - that was it. No allowance. Heck, I bought my own first car. Had a job since I was 14. Now I buy EVERYTHING I want. It apparently is shocking to the Egyptian~!!

April said...

Well then, there you go. I might have to go buy my daughter something right now lol. Yeah, I had to start working early to get things on my own but to me, saving money meant a better future. I got married really young and I knew that was the only way we were going to make it. I read your recent post. I can't believe you are going without cable!


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