Saturday, September 19, 2009

Things I don't like that everyone else does...

It is Saturday night. Yass is at the mosque celebrating Eid (end of Ramadan.) I am sitting alone in my house, comfortable in my soft yoga pants & thin cotton t on my super smushy leather couch. I hear the hum of the frig and AC, and the random car below my building.
As I was sitting, relaxing - enjoying this "me" time I began to think about the things I simply do not like that most people do.
When I started listing those various items off in my head, I realized it was kind of funny - especially m reasons why. (Well - humorous to me.)
I have decided to attempt to make a list of all of the things I do not like (or follow, or jump on the 'band wagon') for. I wonder if you will agree..
1. Sushi. Do not even bring it up with me. Even if I even remotely liked raw fish, because it is so flipping trendy, I will not eat it. Almost on principle alone.
2. Amstel Lite beer. Come on people - get a real beer.
3. Drive an SUV. Never have. Never will. End of story.
4. Wear flip flops with everything from a skirt to jeans to work clothes. People are you serious? Flip Flops are for 5 year olds. Walk away from the lazy shoes.
5. Go blonde.
6. I say this now - not sure how it will hold up - but getting Botox. I just know they will find out that crap causes cancer soon enough.
7. Put a single braid on one side of my hair. (That one was for you - Crystal. LOL)
8. Start any status with @------(fill in the blank name.) That crap drives me insane.
9. Follow Nascar or Football.
10. Attend any type of "palooza."
11. Snow Ski. Yeah - I just know I will kill myself. Sorry - no other reason.
12. Support Gun Laws. I think they should be illegal. I am not a fan of the right to bear arms. I am just not. Sorry.
13. Food Network
14. The Bachelor or Bachelorette tv show
15. Walmart. I HATE Walmart.
16. Burritos.
17. Soy milk
18. Also - this is not so much a thing, but a personal rule: If I wore it or did it the first time around - I am too old to do it again. (With Fashion - that is.)
19. Pitbulls- not a fan. They are not "cute" to me.
20. Oil diffuser with the sticks - I HATE THEM. (I do have one right now - it was a gift.)
22. Big screen TVs
23. The Office - I have officially made up my mind - it is just not that funny to me.
24. Friends - never really cared for it.
25. Seinfeld - again, not a big fan.
26. Fake nails.
27. Joining a Junior League or other society "volunteer" group as such. I do not need validation from other women who seems to have sticks shoved up their.... sorry.. I was on a roll there for a sec.
28. There is also something annoying about "Body Jam" and "Body Pump" classes. Maybe it is the name.. or maybe it is the lack of rhythm the white aerobic instructor have.. not sure.. maybe it is a combination of both.
29. Perez Hilton and other celebrity gossips.
30. Finally - citrus. I do not like oranges.
Okay - I will stop at 30. Next time I can think of 30 more - I will share! :-)

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