Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Looking forward to SHOPPING

Many of you know I have cut out just about everything a self-induced spoiled girl could possibly remove from her life.

I gave up the cable. I gave up the net flicks. I gave up eating out. I gave up going to bars to see bands. I gave up SHOPPING. And soooo many other things..

I have learned to cut exactly $800 out of my monthly budget. That, my friends, was my play money. I call it my play money because it literally was the money I could "blow" every month. This is after all the bills are paid.
BUT there is one more month. Just one. Then I can order my Netflix (though I think I will go back to the 2 dvds at a time - not 6.) I will turn the cable back on (but get basic basic cable.) I will eat out from time to time - but only on weekends, and only one meal. And - most importantly - I WILL shop. BUT - I will monitor my shopping more closely.
I am only going to buy one or two pieces of clothing, versus walking away with several bags.
I am limiting myself to one pair of shoes a month. And only one bag.
New rule - if I buy something new - I have to get rid of one thing. Yes- and donate to charity.
So - with all of this being said, it is time for me to suffer through one more month.
I can do it.

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