Monday, April 29, 2013

A New Path

It's hard to believe it has been 6 days since he left. I did not die. I did not lose any appendages. The world did not come to an end.

Though it felt like it should.

Divorce does not kill you, but honestly, it kills a little something inside of you.

That little glimmer of "happily ever after" gets snuffed out.

I have to move on.

And that is exactly what I am going to do.

Though the week might be rainy and bleak, my pleasure at some of the activities will not be!

For one, we finally do a post-event review of the festival. I have tons of tweaks and ideas to submit to the team. I think each year it will get better and more organized. What I learned last week were the strengths and weaknesses of my co-workers. Now that I know, I can proceed accordingly.

I also get to attend a Focus Group on the city of Macon with the Chamber of Commerce. I love getting together with a group of people to share ideas, complaints, etc and actually make some change happen.
I think being originally from here, moving away, then coming back gives me a fresh perspective.

Thursday I have another 8 hour day in Leadership Macon. This week's topic- Education. This is definitely a hot button for most participants. We begin to narrow down the project ideas also. Not 100% crazy about any of them, but since I work in Nonprofit and I get to be a part of a project EVERY SINGLE DAY.. I'm just going to ride this one out, help where my expertise can be used, and not get too personally invested in pushing my ideas. Some of these people never get to do stuff like this. Give them their moment.. right?

FRIDAY.. oh precious Friday...  I fly to Chicago. However, my dear friend, Leanne has pneumonia. I'm not sure how this is going to work. I called the company I bought the tickets through, and as it turns out, the insurance on the tickets was only if I had a medical emergency. Boo. I hope she gets wells really soon. I just feel terrible. Not sure what to do... I hope it all works out in the end. Luckily, I don't have to visit a million places, I just want my pic in front of a few key "Chicago" landmarks and I'm good.

I should be gone Friday - Sunday to visit Leanne, Laura and Peggy. I can't wait to show you all of the photos!  I think good conversation will be enough to make me have a wonderful trip.

So my new path has begun. I have a busy week... and hopefully, each day it will get a little easier. I finally pulled down the photos here at work. That was another step. Obviously, I quit wearing my beautiful ring. I registered for Tennis lessons.. just something else to do at night. I'm trying.. I really am.

He sent me a text first thing Sunday morning that read... heck... wait.. I'll show you and explain.
Basically, in Islam, you have to say I divorce you three times, and in the eyes of God you are divorced. I know that is so much a bigger deal to him than the papers, but with people like me (and probably you,) the papers are the real deal. So I wake up to this. As you can see, I responded accordingly. I just did not understand what the hurry was.... however.. I keep thinking, there MUST be something/someone that is pushing this so fast. Who knows.

Yes, I showed the text. I don't care. It doesn't matter anymore. No matter what I do, what I say.. we are over.

So... my new path begins.

PS - What an ass.

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