Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It happens so fast...

In classic form, he is moving out as fast as he moved in.

Yesterday, I'm out and about, trying to enjoy my day off and suddenly I get a call. He wants me to meet him at our leasing office to remove his name from the lease.

Then today, while at lunch, he sends me a text that he wants to sign divorce papers this week.

Fast. Fast. Fast.

I hardly have enough time to process anything.

Every time the anxiety begins to bubble up, I just tell myself to breathe.

I'm good. I promise I am. It's still a little jarring.


Did it really have to come to all of this?


Leanne said...

You have to take it one moment at a time. I know it is happening fast, but I believe that months (maybe even weeks) from now, you will be glad that it didn't linger on. I see photos of you from events in your life with people who WANT to be sharing those moments with you, and I think, "THIS is what it is about. Living life, with people who want to live it WITH you." He has been absent from your true life for a while. Not by your choice, I get that, but by his own. Fill your life with people who accept you and want to be a part of your life, Nicole. You will do this - and you will be better for it.

Leslie Limon said...

Nicole, I am so sorry that it is all happening so fast! But maybe it is for the better. A long, drawn out divorce would be so much more painful for you. Again, I think your friend Leanne has the best advice. Now you will be free to fill your life with people who WANT to be with you and part of your life. Sending you hugs all the way from Mexico.


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