Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Laughing with Teresa

I got the best little book for my birthday from some fairly "new" friends.
It's called, "Praying with Teresa of Avila".

I won't save my opinion for the end - I just want to say that it's wonderful.

Last night, I finally finished my True Blood series (books wise) and was down to some other choices. I was sitting on my bed, pulling myself out of the funk I dropped into last night, and looked at my bedside table. There sat among other amazing titles was this book by my newer acquaintances, Stacey and Jonathon. They gave  me a few books for my birthday. I finally opened this one and began to read the introduction. I was tickled right from the beginning. I found that this person, this Saint, was actually very spunky and ... yes.. I'll say it.. funny. I laughed. I honestly laughed. Here I was reading spiritual things and I was giggling.

It was almost as if God said, "I am going to send you a friend... just relax, pray with her, and you will feel better." It's so true!

In the introduction I was immediately hooked. It said:
- If you enjoy solitude and do not know why. Teresa frequently expresses in her writings what we may be experiencing in the depths of our souls.
- If you are attracted to a spirit of adventure in life and in your relationship with God. Teresa was a woman who took risks but had a head full of common sense.
- If you discern a deeper call to prayer and to intimacy with Christ in your life. In her writings, Teresa describes stages that are normal - but that are sometimes experiences as paradoxical- in growing in union with God.
- If you find yourself confronting cultural complexities while trying to bring about social and ecclesial reform. Teresa modeled patient determination and a basic confidence that God is with us, working in this world.

I just kept reading.. and reading... and reading.. and suddenly, I felt like I had the right book, the right saint, the right everything at the right time.

This too shall pass.

I know (from experience,) that I will get through this, but there will be times when I need to just vent. I'll typically vent here. Sometimes I need to cry. I'll cry in the bath at night. I'll need to laugh, and I'll pick up the phone and call a friend. Sometimes I will need to be angry, and unfortunately, I might snap at someone.. be a little more snarky... or even curl my lip when I see happy couples.

Look.. this funk that I am in... it will pass.

I'm going to be okay. Last night was bad. Today is a new day.

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Leanne said...

YES!!! This makes me happy. Yes, last night was a bad day. But this is a new one. I LOVE THAT! because, my friend,you WILL be ok. You WILL. One day at a time.

Thinking of you. And SO GLAD you aren't joining the peace corps right now. Yes, I know . . . I bring it up yet AGAIN. I don't think I've recovered from the trauma! ;)



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