Saturday, April 13, 2013

Things I've Learned This Week

1. That if I let my mind drift off, and allow the negative thoughts to seep in, I'm doomed to be in a terrible mood. I have to remain positive. Believe in the power of prayer. Identify the things I am appreciative of. Gratitude is the key word to keeping negativity at bay.

2. Stress has a few stages: 1. Eat. 2. Eat a lot. 3. Don't eat. 4. Nausea

3. Playing is a wonderful way to bring happiness back. I actually spent some time playing with my niece, we let our imagination run wild, and we had a blast.

4. Sitting outside each day, with my water or coffee, and reading a couple of chapters in my book is another way to de-stress.

5. I apparently need new luggage. So I bought some. It's been a while since I had to really travel - since 2011. I looked for my carry-on and as it turns out, it is being used to store stuff. I looked for my big piece of luggage, and honestly, it's too big for a domestic flight. Sooo.. I bought a new set of luggage - perfect for domestic flights and quick weekend get-aways - which is my plan for the summer. One fantastic trip a month, starting with my trip in May to Chicago. I think next I need to book a flight to see my friends Jennifer and Gene down in West Palm Beach. They asked back in January and February, but work got in the way. Maybe June!

6. Setting a schedule for things I want to do to improve my life, and treating as if it is set in stone, may help me stay the course. Gym. French Lessons. These are two things in particular I need to concentrate on.

7. Setting some goals. I need some goals. This is going to be the key to my focus. As long as I have something to look forward to - I am motivated. I need to reevaluate and set some goals.

8. Three best things I bought in 2013: My roku, my keurig, and my kindle. *sigh*

9. Things are easing up a bit this weekend. (Domestically.)

10. It's time to turn my antennae. I need to seek out friendships with people who share common interests with me. Create a very specific circle to do the sort of quirky things I like to do. I have a few great friends that spend time with me on the weekends, and I love this. I need to find more people like this. People who are dependable, free of any obligations, and curious about everything around them!

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