Friday, September 9, 2011

Things I Have Learned This Week

Another week is drawing to a close, and many a-lesson was learned.

1. That a keratin treatment is EXACTLY what I needed to treat my hair. It's as if my little follicles got to visit a health spa for a week, and have come out all rejuvenated.

2. That bangs really are the cheapest way to combat wrinkles. Not to mention, it does not require muscle paralysis or botulism being shot into the skin.

3. That body splashes work as an excellent substitute for proper perfume. (Though, it's not my first choice.)

4. That exotic fruit medley sherbet has become my favorite treat.

Don't believe me? Watch this -

6. That drinking sweet tea before bed will cause two things to happen: 1. Frequent Urination 2. Extended "awake" hours.

7. That alcohol (rubbing) removes excess hair color from your face/neck/hairline/ears/etc.

8. Country Chic (fragrance) at Bath & Bodyworks makes me happy.

9. That if it weren't for The Sims 3, Netflix, Millionaire Matchmaker, Real Housewives of NJ, and Jersey Shore - I would not have survived unemployment,

10 .  That I have just about found every "long lost friend" due to social media.

11. That my new "something" is just around the corner!!

12. That I am pleased as punch that Leanne introduced me to Pinterest. However, it is taking me a few random tries to figure it out.

13. That I could fill up my calendar with coffee 'dates' for the rest of the week with some really nice folks.

14. That my eyes (believe it or not) are bigger than my stomach. I barely made a dent:

15.  That I am more and more comfortable on Twitter... (finally) - and have you discovered Tweetdeck? You should.

16. That Vinny from the Jersey Shore is just too adorable. hahahaa

17. That I don't know what I am going to do if I have to move to Georgia, where to begin?

18. That if I get hired here - at the TV station - what a HUGE reminder-learning-curve I will have to conquer.

19. That taking a vitamin on an empty stomach can change my address from Birmingham, Al to Vomitus Americus. (Learned that on two different occasions.)

20. Finally - that I love love love him, and I love love love God.. and Trust God.. and KNOW that I will be guided in the right direction.


Dizzy C said...

I have recently found Pinterest too.

Tea before bed gives me heartburn, but I still have it. :(

Looks like a great week of learning

Leslie said...

All very great lessons!!! :) (I look forward to this post every week!)

I love your accent! You sound just like I imagined. You should vlog more!

I haven't tried Pinterest yet. But I discovered Stumble Upon and love it.

And I don't know what I'd do without Tweetdeck.

The last lesson is my favorite.


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