Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Keep Going.

Tonight, I decided to watch "The Company Men," starring Ben Affleck and a slew of other top notch actors. The story line is simple - a company begins to downsize to save money, and people get laid off. Or fired. Whatever you want to call it - you end up with severance and your holiday pay. Either way, you are without a job.

The characters take you through all of the emotions and scenarios of job loss. I have to admit, it hit a little too close to home.

The part that really got me was when people had to move. Tonight, for the first time, I put up my dining room set for sale on Craig's List. I feel a bit numb, but hopeful. The sale of that furniture will help pay for rent. Or a move... which ever is more affordable.

It's hard, you know? There is no sugar coating it. My economic outlook is not so good this month, but I have hope that it will turn around, and soon. I am at the mercy of two possible job offers. It's both exciting and scary at the same time.

Through out this entire journey, I have bared my soul with you. The ups, the downs, the numbness, the false hope, and the possibilities. We are down to the wire.

One of the best "work-related" blogs out there actually asked me to write a post about how to stay positive during a job loss. At first, I thought it was a joke, because though I may be portraying a happy face/written voice sometimes, I may not "feel" that way all of the time. But after I took some time to think about it, I realized there is one thing I do - "Fake it until you make it." If I were to imagine what I look like when frightened, I see a duck in water. That duck looks cool - just gliding along.. but I am kicking up a storm underneath. That's what I am doing.. holding it together, trying to stick to the plan, and kick like hell!

I wrote my story for her, and you can find it at Savvy Working Gal's Blog. It will post at 7am CST on Thursday, September the 15th. I recommend following her blog! She has great advice for the "Working Gal" and hopefully, my little story can help someone else.

It's been a long day, and even longer week. I pray you each find some peace tonight - and I will be back tomorrow!


scrapwordsmom said...

You just keep on keeping on! I do admire will all work out. You are a Brave Girl!!!!!!!!!!!

Leslie said...

If anyone can make it through this situation, it's you! One of the things I admire most about you is your honesty in expressing your feelings and your looking on the bright side of things. And that is what's going to get you through this. You know I'm rooting for you and hoping only for the best. :)

The Bipolar Diva said...

Nicole, I just love you.

Catherine said...

Nicole, we've already established that we're in the same boat but it still makesme so sad to read your post. As if I kind of believe it's only this bad for me but it's not!!! There are millions of us out there. I wish I had words of wisdom but I don't. Kudos, though, on having another blogger interested in your POV!

I could hardly watch Company of Men- even the guys who thought they were safe were not. No one is right now....

Savvy Working Gal said...

No I wasn't joking. Sure you have bad days, who wouldn't. What I noticed was after a bad day, you would pull yourself up and be so positive. I agree with you creating a plan and sticking to it helps. Thank you for writing such a beautiful post. I hope others learn from your experience.

Leanne said...

Oh, Nicole. My heart is aching about the dining room set. I'm thinking of you. Big time.


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