Monday, September 5, 2011

I wanted to take a moment and thank you guys for hanging in there with me. It's been a freaking roller coaster of a month, and the lows are much lower than I am accustomed to. I never thought in a million years I would ever be in this situation, and surprises (especially negative ones) are never easy to digest.

There are things I want to write about - but I am having a hard time getting there. I know I could just pull a disappearing act for a few days, but honestly - I like jotting my morning thoughts down.

Happy Labor Day ~ I almost forgot it was a holiday, until I actually heard someone mention it on TV last night. How crazy is that? I am constantly having to look at my calendar to remember what day it is. "Oh the joys of unemployment."

It looks more and more dismal when I open my Bloomberg's Business Week magazine. Banks crumbling, worse job loss and salaries since WWII, just bad bad bad economy. Then there is me - qualified, educated, tons of experience.. just knocking on doors.

(Insert a hint of sarcasm) ~ My favorite thing to hear now is, "You did such a good job. But we hired someone with just a little more experience." Two of the interviews I had in the past 4 months (even before my job loss,) that's what happened. Seriously? I'm almost 40, and I have remained in my field since I graduated from college.... when do you ever have enough experience?

Two more interviews to go and it is a shot in the dark. I have said over and over that I wanted to get through this week before I begin my job search again. Too many irons in the pot - or whatever you call it.

So the answer is - Nope, I am not landing on my feet right now. I am stumbling and falling. Nope, no door has opened, no window is clean enough to see out.

I don't have a back up plan. There is no back up plan. I was told by someone very close to me that no one is going to support me, that I am on my own. Yeah - that hurt.

I can write. I can talk. I can tell stories with pictures - moving pictures to be exact.
There's not much need for someone like me.

Yeah.. I know.. I am whiney today. ;-)


SharleneT said...

When they use that 'more experience' line, it usually means the person was willing to work for a lot less than you and/or was a friend's/neighbor's person who needed a job. It's depressing, I know, but them's the new rules. So sorry you're having to deal with this.

EmptyNester said...

So no one is going to support you. You don't need it! You're a wonderfully brilliant, talented woman who can stand on her own two feet no matter what the world throws at her! Oh they can knock you down, but they can't keep you down!


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