Monday, September 26, 2011

Busy as a Bee

I woke up this morning, well rested - but groggy. I took a Percagesic (sp) last night to help me sleep. It's just an OTC pain reliever, but it does make me sleepy. I slept beautifully! Second night in the row with some very vivid dreams.

I realized, as I sat here with my morning coffee (eyes still blurry, so I warn, the typing may be a little bad,) thinking of everything I have to do this week. Then the list started getting bigger and bigger.

For one thing, tonight is the interview. Okay.. I'll tell you where it is - it's at Macy's. Yep. But it's in the cosmetic department for one of their counters. I'm not sure which one. I did do a stint with Clinique when I first moved to Birmingham, while I waited for a job in my field. This could be another stint. I actually enjoy doing make overs on people, and I enjoy cosmetics. It's fun. It's creative, and honestly, I'm pretty good at it. No - the money is no where near what I used to make, but it might be enough to make ends meet, just no more fancy smancy dinners/traveling/clothes etc.

Hey, I always said I would never be too proud to do something else. I'm not. I figured, if I do get this little job, then I need to concentrate on my writing. Like - for real - writing. I need to get serious and work on something big. I need to brain storm what that is, and how that works.. but hell, who am I kidding? It's time to do SOMETHING.

Since I have moved to Birmingham, I had joined a writing group, I have met a publisher and an editor, and I know most of the people in the magazine scene here. Not to forget, Southern Progress is based here. Don't know how they are? Ever read Southern Living? Coastal Living? Magazines like that? Yep.


I can do this.

Also this week... procrastination has caused another issue for me. I have to go downtown and get my car tag. DMV blech. Makes me sad to stand in line for a couple of hours. I'm not joking... it takes forever. I think I will go tomorrow. Here, your tag is issued according to your last name. My maiden name starts with a T, so... September it is.

Another thing, this Saturday should be super busy. I want to visit Fiesta, it's a LARGE event celebrating Latino culture. One of my friends here in town is the organizer of the event, sooo.. I need to stop by there. Also, the office manager at my former blood sucking employer is retiring. She is having her retirement party this Saturday. Guess it's time to face the music. But I want to see her. She was a wonderful person... I just hope I don't run into too many people I don't want to see. Luckily, I believe my friend (who has also left the AHA) will be attending. She and I need to coordinate!

Still no word on the Macon job. To be honest, I find it odd. They called me back so fast once they got my resume. I went to a very long interview. They called me back almost immediately, and I had another interview. I even got word it went really well and they really liked me. But crickets ever since. WTH? It's just odd. Not even a "we went in a different direction" stock letter or email. I spent a lot of money traveling back and forth.. so I am disappointed I have not heard anything. Honestly, though it would require uprooting the egyptian and I, the position would be great for me.

Here we go into another week! I hope every one has a great one..

One more thing...

In the spirit of Nicole's Choice.. I have watched a few movies you might be interested in:

1. Student Services. This is a french film, and it's very "dark" in nature. Do not watch this one when the kiddos are around. It's quite sad, it exposes the dark side of affording an education. Apparently in France 45,000 students will resort to prostitution of some kind to pay for school per year.

2. Ballet Shoes. This one is for the kiddos, and I watched it. Was very sweet. I actually read the book when I was very young. It was cute to see it come to life.


Bossy Betty said...

Thinking of you! Crossing my fingers and toes for a good interview for you!

Hoosier Chick said...

Write, baby, write!


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