Friday, September 16, 2011

Happiness = Travel

 I can only imagine what it must be like for a person who has never traveled anywhere significant. Or how about the person that has no desire to see the world? I simply cannot imagine.

Today, I began thinking of the places I have been, and the places I want to go to. My list is a mile long on both sides.

There is a great, big world out there just beckoning us to taste of her fruits!

This post is more inspiring, versus any real message. I am going to share some worldly destinations with you (pictures) - just to put us in the mood...

Summer is coming to a close - that gives us one whole year to save our $$ and pick a new destination to experience!

Provence, France

My husband's country, Egypt

Bern, Switzerland

 Granada, Spain


Havana, Cuba



Monmarte, Paris, France

London, England

Which is your favorite?


girlichef said...

Provence, Italy, Montmarte...aaahhh, dreamy. I can't decide. I just want to take time and travel around stopping for a while in each destination. I love to fantasize about travel, and hope that one day, I'll actually get all of these places and more! I "pinned" most of these pictures...they're all so beautiful :D

Doris said...

Ok, post pictures of places like that and then ask us to pick a favorite??? LOL Seriously, what a lovely post. I'm feeling ill today and just looking at the pictures of all those beautiful places transplanted me for just a little while in my mind. Favorite, huh? Well, I really kinda like the Switzerland one, believe it or not! I say that because I am typically and Ireland or Italy kinda girl.

Leanne said...

Oh, these pictures are so beautiful. It seems surreal to me that these little magical places really do exist. I love each of them - and would love to be IN each of them this very moment. Must say, the views in France tugged my heart the minute I laid eyes on them. But, Italy . . . sigh ... Italy. Oh, and then Greece. Oh, dear. I need a vacation!

Cassandra said...

London! Of course.


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