Thursday, September 15, 2011

Change it.

Before I go into my thoughts of the day, I wanted to invite you to check out my guest blog post HERE. The blog is by "Savvy Working Gal," in it she talks about women in the workforce, finances, and advice for upwardly mobile women.

Thanks! ;-)

Now back to my thoughts for the day...

I need to make some more changes. Big ones actually. Though, I am not sure how to get started. Or when to start...

You know how one minute you are just sitting there, relaxing - and the next minute your life can change in an instant? Yep, feeling that today. For the record, NO - I have not heard from any of the jobs I have applied to, what I am referring to is more personal in nature.

There has got to be some changes on the home front if I am to ever experience true joy. I am at a cross roads, and I have to pick a path to travel.

These decisions are never taken lightly, nor do I do anything that is rash. People make mistakes, and love is patient and kind. There.... now what?

Oh the joy of trying to make it in this life. Instead of math class in school, the education system should offer courses in human relationships.



Tere said...

From experience - the line between "thinking carefully and deeply" and "overthinking to the point of uselessness" can be very thin. Sometimes, the thinking and ruminating is easier (and safer) than acting on whatever is in your gut.

You mention changes in the home front, something I know all too well, so if you want to talk privately, hit me up.


EmptyNester said...

I'm not sure a class in human relationships would help all that much because each relationship we have is so are people themselves. But hey, anything in place of math, right? LOL

Thinking of you and sending positive vibes your way!

traci's mixed bag said...

I think you're in a great place. I seriously question anyone who doesn't ever change or think they need to change. Good luck on your mission for change, I'm on my own mission for the same.

Peggy K said...

Often necessary, never easy, this thing we call change. But that's how we grow. Emotionally, spiritually. It's all good. Even if it feels like it hurts.

Leanne said...

Listen to PK ... she is my jedi, you konw? And take it all one day at a time. I'm an emotional person, too often I find myself making decisions based on my emotions. But I never regret them in the end ... because everything choice I have made makes up the person I am. Do what is right for you, my friend. We are here.


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