Friday, September 23, 2011


Polished - that's how I am beginning to feel.
 ;-)  I had a really big disappointment,  and one answer left to go. But by the sound of crickets, I am beginning to lose hope on that one also.

Moving on.

If all I have is the possibility of something completely different, for waaaaaaaaay less money and clout, then so be it. I suppose I should concentrate on something I want to do. REALLY want to do....



Okay. Now what? I need a plan. Perhaps I was meant to just write for me. Not for a corporation or a news services, maybe just sharing my ideas.

But how does that work... and how do I get started?

I am also interested in Photography. Perhaps I could develop that more. Maybe my dear friend, Laura, will allow me to "apprentice" with her - and she could teach me a thing or two. I could build a portfolio and move the hell on.

Or.... I could FINALLY take that Life Coaching certification class I have always been fascinated with. (I know, yeah right... what is this LOSER going to do with THAT?!) But that's just it! I could learn everything I need to know, in order to strategize MY life, and in turn, share that with others. Maybe through my blog - OR WRITING - or whatever. In the meantime...

Make some money and pay some bills.

Okay.. okay.. kind of like the starving artist thing. I GOT IT.

See? Resilience strikes again. Not to mention, this is what a person with too many thoughts does when she is bored and wide awake - I think and I write. I write, while I think. It's a dangerous combination. Good thing I don't drink anymore. You guys would be in for one hell of a ride!

Okay... now.. now...

I need to check out some books from the library, figure out what's next, and just accept the fact that health insurance and a decent income is a thing of the past. Fine.

It was good while it lasted.

It's just math, right?


Shaheen said...

Sending you warm wishes whatever you decide and hope things work out for you - it certainly sounds like trying times for you.

Peggy K said...

Just figure it out, and move toward it!! You'll live your passion!

TV's Take said...

:-) Hope your Monday interview goes great! Hope you keep your weekend super busy - perhaps go for an intense hike in another city?


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