Friday, September 9, 2011

My personal serenade

Yes, you already know how much I ADORE music. When I am at home, at work, in the car, with friends, no matter where I am, I will be listening to music.

In the previous post, I added a song I was listening to over and over today. Then it got me to think about the men who sing songs with voices as cool as silk. Do I use the word - Sexy? Yes, perhaps that's what I would say. Or perhaps - Sentimental, Passionate.. I don't know - but the type of songs every singer hopes to sing... the kind to make a girl stop and go, "Hello!"

I am pasting a few songs, in my opinion, that stop me in my track and make me say - Hello! (Sorry - not inflection here - just know it's more like a, "Whoa - Hellooooo."

Though I just posted this one, if you missed it - here it is. For one, Marc Anthony's voice is amazing in this. I don't typically find him attractive, but I have to say, he caught my eye in this video. Then there is Pit Bull - definitely NOT my type, but the lyrics.. hmm... all about empowering and worshipping the ground a woman walks on.. Yep..

Lord Have Mercy - Bruno Mars... if you are not a fan, watch this version of this song.. I bet you will have a minor crush on him after this...

Now you know John Legend has an AMAZING voice.. this, I believe, is his "sexiest" song...

This song (featuring Jill Scott) and Anthony Hamilton .. his voice is amazing.. and this song is just.. well.. right!

I don't think I even need to explain..

Oh LL... He just exudes confidence...

Jared Leto's voice is amazing.. and he is just beautiful.. intense...

Oh my beautiful Adam.. ;-)

Lenny.. Lenny.. Lenny...

The lead singer of Nickelback.. wow.. his voice is excellent..

Sting is just bad a$$... this version is hot!

Amr Diab is from Egypt... and he is just adorable..

I still think Ricky is hot hot muey caliente!

Finally ... Georgie Boy

Just one more of my Enrique.. ;-)

Who would you add?


Stacie said...

These are fun! I passed over this linky party - but I think it would suit you:-)

Elizabeth - said...

Well, those were a DELIGHT :D

Stopping by from the LBS Tea Party. You can find me at

traci's mixed bag said...

I love this playlist. The only one I could suggest right now is a band called Blindside from Sweden, the lead singers voice is beautiful.

BTW here from LBS Tea Party.


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