Monday, September 26, 2011

Nicole's Choice

I wanted to share just a few more movies with you. As you know, I have been watching quite a few movies on Netflix during my 2 months of unemployment. My less imaginative and adventurous friends always complain about there being nothing on Netflix. Or that they have seen them all.

Au contraire.

I want to list about 20, if you will indulge me, of some I enjoyed. I think you will like them. If I can find a trailer, I will add it.

Now... let's get down to business...

Some randoms, you can find on Instant Play, to enjoy!

(No particular order)

1. It's almost October.. looking for a Horror film? I ACTUALLY enjoyed this one  - Day of the Dead.

2. I also enjoyed (sort of post apocalyptic) Carriers.

3. Boot Camp. Now, this one is sort of cheesy, but it's important to understand the premise. It is based around the controversial 'tough love' boot camps for kids. Put in that perspective.... kind of interesting. Something I might like to write about some time...

4. On The Outs - Fascinating movie about life in a rough neighborhood. I really enjoyed this one. I highly recommend it.

5. Far From Heaven - a GREAT movie based on the 1950s and the secret lives and social norms of that time. Really good stuff.

6. Beneath the Dark - Okay.. another low budget, but surprisingly good.

7. Dirty Filthy Love - I could not find a movie trailer to embed for this one, but it is a British film that is about OCD (but it's more of a dark comedy.) EXCELLENT movie. HIGHLY recommend it. Here is a link to see the trailer.

8. Entre Nos - is a movie that will break your heart and help you understand the immigration issue a little better. It is a foreign film (subtitles) - you MUST see. Brilliant.

9. Empire - Another good one. Deals with money and drug dealers.. and how it works. Good story.. moves fast.. loved it.

10. Jaffa - Israeli movie - EXCELLENT. In english subtitles - deals with the mix of cultures.. "Coming of Age" and the issues between Arabs and Jews. Excellent.

11. Bonjour Monsieur Shlomi - Great Israeli movie.. another coming of age, and FABULOUS story line. In english subtitles.. Hilarious in some parts.

12. Slam - WOW. Beautiful prose... amazing story line... Moving.. A must see.

13. The Experiment - Looking for something a little "off wall" - THIS is the psychological thriller for you!

14. Eye for an Eye - Every parent's worst nightmare, but very interesting.

15. Beyond Borders - yes, it's a little more mainstream - but oh soooo good.
If you have a passion for human rights and a passion for travel - THIS IS THE MOVIE FOR YOU.

16. Dangerous Beauty - Take a raunchy historical romance novel, jazz it up, and BOOM - you have yourself an excellent movie!

17. Children of Invention - AMAZING movie. It is something that scares me for immigrants.. how they get taken advantage of.. and well.. you will see.

18. Mugbe and The White African - OMG. The best documentary I have ever seen. It will break your heart and shake your core. WATCH IT>

19. 50 Dead Men Walking - Amazing movie that shows the whole I.R.A. situation. It's heart breaking and based on a true story.

20. Loss of the Teardrop Diamond - Based on the legendary Tennesse Williams play, this is an excellent story. Good look into old money in the South.
You will love it!

If you watch one - tell me what you think!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great list! Some I've seen, other's I have not & since I'm just a bit under the weather, I think I'm going to go check some of these out while I veg on the sofa for the afternoon! Thanks for sharing!!! ~Hugs, M


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