Thursday, September 29, 2011

Suitcase = Dresser Drawer

I am getting very creative in coming up with ways to house my clothing while I live on some one's couch. My parent's home is over flowing, unfortunately, so there is very little room at the inn.

My sister and her daughter are living in one room, the other room is literally packed to the ceiling with junk, and then there is my parent's room. Granted my mom has been retired since January, she has yet to actually accomplish cleaning out the 3rd bedroom. It is an unofficial storage room.

I get a couch. Yep. With NO storage, NO closet, and very little privacy. Fine, I am grateful for a spot to lay my head at night. But I will have to live my life, and unfortunately, there is no room for me. I am trying to decide what to take with me, and what to store. I am clothes & product whore freak, so I need my things.

For one thing, I have several suitcases, because I used to travel quite a bit - road trips, etc. So I am using my small "carry on" bag as my new underwear drawer. Seriously! My "divider" I use in my "pantie drawer" fits perfectly inside the suitcase, in turn, it will work as my underwear drawer. I suppose I can stack my suitcases on top of each other, and fold my clothes accordingly. I need to check on the price of a clothing/rolling rack. Perhaps they could carve a little space SOMEWHERE for me to hang my "more expensive" dresses. Then there is the issue of shoes. I am thinking I need to invest in one big basket, and just dump them in that, and put them - somewhere.

As for my "beauty" products - I am think I will use my little three drawer/plastic thingy that rolls, and put it next to the door to the bathroom. I can store all of my hair stuff/and other essentials in it. THEN - bring my over toilet cabinet and use it over their guest toilet. *sigh*

I do have a couple of books I want to bring with me - that raises another question. How? Where?
I suppose, I could put some of the stuff in storage, and come back and figure out what I can use.

The difference with the family and me - I am waaaay more organized. Not perfect, but I do like some order. There is a 5 year old. Which equals curious little hands....

Lord have mercy.

Temporary. Right?

Not to mention how BAD my back is going to feel on a couch. Oh lord...

I can do this.

It's temporary.

It's temporary.

It's temporary.

Just until I can get some more savings and another GREAT job. 

As for my personal life.. sheesh... who has time to worry about that?


scrapwordsmom said...

Yes, this would be hard for me, too. Oh mind has been on you. Whatever you do ....Keep on Writing this blog!! We care about you!!!

You CAN do this!!!!!


Yenta Mary said...

I feel your pain, Nicole. It sounds frivolous, I know, to people who haven't had to do this; but these are NOT petty concerns in any way! In this year of moving 5 times, I spent a fair amount of time on a sofa, in someone else's home where there was no closet/drawer space for me ... I know. It's so, so hard sometimes, feeling as though you're intruding and getting very easily frustrated over just simply trying to find a pair of socks in the makeshift set up. And yet, I have to say, it was also a good experience in many ways - I learned who loved me enough to let me stake a claim to space on their sofa, and I learned that items I'd once considered essential really weren't all that critical to my daily life. This is not an experience I would wish upon anyone, and yet it is also possible to have it be an exceptional learning opportunity. Please know that you're in my heart, and that I hope this turns into a grand adventure and fabulous success for you!

TV's Take said...

That would be really hard. Hope you get the move done soon and onto finding a new job so that you can find peace to be yourself again.


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