Monday, September 5, 2011

Things that FREAK me out - Volume 3

No doubt about it, I get freaked out by random things. If you have not read those posts, take the time to search them out!

As I was sitting here, drinking my sweet tea and reading over a promotions project I am working on for a friend, a commercial caught my eye... then it freaked me out. Yeah.. it totally freaked me out.

Then it reminded me of all of the commercials that completely freak me out, and I felt like I should share those with you.

Before we go there, I need to say something - I do think these commercials are highly creative and get the point across, but I am just not comfortable watching these in mixed company.

Okay.. now.. on with the FREAK show:

Yeah... It just freaks me out.


becca said...

ok some of those commerial are pretty strange

By Word of Mouth Musings said...

Great for first thing in the morning ... lol, yes, there certainly are things to be freaked out about in this world, that is fo' sho' :)

javacia said...

I love those Kotex commercials. They're hilarious!


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