Sunday, September 18, 2011

September Saturday Surprise

Manicures at Ladie's Day Out at Hoover Public Library
Fashion conversation
Morgan Creek Vineyard
Lots and Lots of Grapes... it smelled delicious...

Having a little picnic at the Vineyard...
Does it get more picnic-y? BBQ sandwich, Sweet tea, baked beans and a cookie!

Where the wine is.. well.. wined.. ;-)

A Lucy Look-A -Like contest!

Tragic City Rollers  - Birmingham's Roller Derby - was BAD A$$

I need to come up with a Roller Derby name!!

My Tragic City Stamp!

Half Time Show...

These girls were tough!!


EmptyNester said...

I knew it would be a total BLAST! So glad you went and then shared with us!

Paula said...

This looks like a lot of fun! Picniks are great and your barbecue sandwich made me hungry. Haha. :)

Have a great week ahead!

P.S. I'm dropping by from the Tea Party.

Leanne said...

OMG! These pics are awesome. You must have a really great camera ;) ;) ;)!!!! teee heee

I'm SO GLAD you went. And the Roller Derby - you go girl! Looks like you had a great weekend. So glad. You deserve it, honey. You surely do!


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