Thursday, September 8, 2011

Visiting HOME

My friend Tamika was kind enough to accompany me to my hometown of Macon, Georgia (while I interviewed and what not!)

Once we got into town (around 8:30pmish on Tuesday) - we headed over to Wild Wings.
We ordered this sampler platter where you pick 5 different flavors (every 5 wings).. we did it with GUSTO!
Garlic, Lemon pepper, ranchilada, hot,&  honey mustard

This is me - POST losing my wallet at the Hotel. No worries - I found it 5 minutes after I lost it.

Day 2 - Post interview and (a change of clothes..)

At lunch at Cheddar's.

Leaving Cheddara..

Taking a walk down College Street - this is the 1842 Inn

More homes on College Street

The backside of my home church - St. Joseph's Catholic Church

Petitions to God

Streets in Macon

Another Southern Home - The Woodruff House


Telisa said...

Nice pics, Nicole! I'm glad Tamika got to see a little of our hometown :)

Shermika said...

These are some great pics! Beautiful homes and Macon looks gorge! And the food looks unhealthy, but yummy and yes SOUTHERN (the kind I love!!) ;-) You two appeared to have a great time.

Leanne said...

Ok . . . After seeing these pics, I vote for Macon. It's beautiful there . . . I really and no idea. LOVe the history - it makes me so happy.

Follow your heart, your head, your gut. I think you already know where all of them are pointing. It's hard to admit it, I know, but you already know what is best for you. And I support you each step of the way, my friend.

So good to talk to you earlier in the week. You are really just the coolest. Have a great day!

Dizzy C said...

Lovely photos and you look so relaxed, though I know recently times have been far from relaxed.



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