Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pillows & Pasta!

I started out this morning with a cup of coffee and plain, fat free - greek yogurt. Yum. ;-)
Most of the morning consisted of emails, and meetings and what not.

I wanted to show you how my plant CLEARLY needs a bigger pot. It's sprouting babies.

Remember the one single red flower on this plant? NOW look!

My friend Laura, FINALLY came to teach me how to sew! She told me to get 1 1/2 yards of fabric and 1 spool of white all purpose thread. DONE. Well...

On the way to Hancock Fabrics, I asked called her panicked, "Sooo.. do I tell them which fabric I want, or do I take the entire thing up to them to cut?"

Needless to say, she laughed.

I handled it - and opted for 2 yards.

Laying on the sunroom bed.. waiting for the pasta to cook.

I picked two old pillows to recover. The Christmas pillow is stained, and the green one is just gross.

I am learning to thread the Bobbin. I was TERRIFIED.

Laura showed me how to fold the fabric and measure it.

Here- Laura is showing me how to use the peddle.

My turn!

She has left me alone to just DO IT! I was a little freaked.

That's me!

I think I am getting the hang of it!

One down and one to go! But first...

I had to show the egyptian what I did. He was laughing.. probably from SHOCK!

Final stitches!

I did it!!!

Thank you Laura, for helping me out! To see some of Laura's really AMAZING work and projects with step by step instructions - please CLICK HERE.


LBR said...

YAAAAAAY!!!!!! Now you can add "I like my sewing machine, I like my pillows, I like to remember to put my foot down" to your daily affirmation!

Dawn said...

Good Job ! They are cute :)

Anonymous said...

That fabric is so fresh & springing AWESOME!

Yenta Mary said...

I'm so proud of you -- the pillows look so bright and festive and beautiful! I wish I knew how to sew; I do a great job fixing loose buttons, but that's it!

TV's Take said...

Cute! Congrats on your homekeeping skill. I could not do it - not enough patience. Your prego gf is adorable pregnant

Bossy Betty said...

Hey! Those look great! Congrats on your first sewing project!

becca said...

cute pillows

Jen Has A Pen said...

Girl! I'm impressed! Who knew you were so dang domestic. ;-)


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