Thursday, May 26, 2011

The good.. the bad.. and the ugly.

The Good:

1. I continue to make healthier choices every single day.

2. The friends that are in my life now, are the ones I think God always meant for me to have.

3. Progress is being made in my personal life.

4. Progress is being made in my professional life.

5. God shows his love for me daily, with renewed strength he has given me.

6. My path is clearer.

7. My needs are small.

8. My accomplishments are big.

9. The love I have for my family and my husband and my handful of close friends is pure and unconditional.

10. I'm going to be alright - especially since I am about to have 5 days off!

The Bad

1. The muscular tension. I need to find better ways to make it go away.

2. Need to get more sleep.

3. Need to do an even BETTER job of choosing healthier choices.

4. I have two more hurdles to cross in my personal life. Once I cut those toxic pieces out, all will be well.

5. Fiscal year end is approaching, still concerned about a few goals I would like to excel in.

6. Not finding the time to drop my library books off.

7. The frig is empty.

8. This weekend will be a deep cleaning weekend.

9. There are some words that need to be said to a friend.  Then I can walk away from that relationship, with a clear mind.

10. I need to save a little more money.

The Ugly

1. My feet need help. lol

2. I need to get waaaaay more strict about that diet.

3. I need to stop letting "opportunists" into my life. Who in turn, warp and destroy my inner circle. Especially when it affects my husband also.

4. My closet. It looks like a tornado whipped thru my side.

5. This skin needs a facial. Think it's time to use my gift certificate to Ross Bridge.

What about you? What is your top good, bad and ugly of the week?


Jacki said...

Foot help like a pedicure? :) Me too!

I worry about you although we only "know" each other through blogging. You're in my thoughts and prayers, lady!

Anonymous said...

The Ugly: My toes look like a 100 year old witch's would. Plus, they are a little stinky. Thank goodness you can't smell them through the screen!

The Bad: I gained 7 pounds in 6 weeks.

The Good: My attitude is being optimistic and changing the things that I can.

Ms. Blasé said...

I think our good, bad and ugly are pretty much the same (minus the hubby part, of course, since I'm still flying solo).

I've been sleep-deprived since the day I was born. I don't think any of my co-workers have ever seen me fully awake... and I've been here over 10 years.

And, please, don't get me started on my diet.

Don't know how you feel about "blog awards," but I nominated you for one. Do whatever you want with it. Just know that someone likes what you have to say and how you say it.

Have an awesome holiday weekend :)

Yenta Mary said...

Good: Lots of lovely comments and emails this week, whether about recipes or other stuff. Definitely feeling loved, and immensely grateful for my extended family both in real life and in cyberspace!

Bad: Still wake up ruminating about the relationship that just ended, but making progress every day.

Ugly: Serious issues with Jeremy, who is taking his frustrations out on his dad and me ... :( Need some resolution there, too ....

Leanne said...

Your posts are just awesome this week! Now you've got me thinking (that is never a good thing, especially late a night. I'll be up for hours now.) Ok . . . here goes . . .

The Good: The laundry is done (seriously pathetic, I know, but true)
The Bad: My healthly lifestyle is still on vacation and I can't get back in the zone of only eating good for me things. I want cheetos. I never want cheetos. But tonight, I want them. I don't have any. but I still want them.
The Ugly: My closet. It needs some SERIOUS help. Actually - all of the closets in our house. They are packed to the point of not being able to pack any more. The only reason I'm not a hoarder is because I shove it all in my closets. Ok, that's probably more info then you really need to know. But that is the ugly, for real.


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