Thursday, May 5, 2011


Thursday remains one of my favorite days. I have never been able to explain why.

Maybe it's because my maiden name is Thurston, and as a kid, I liked anything that sounded like my name.

I believe I am starting the day off right - I have my coffee with my fat-free french vanilla creamer, and I am watching the sun rise from my sun room.

I know I mention my sunroom quite a bit. It's nothing special, but it is everything to me.

I have always been a fan of windows and natural light. I HATE overhead lights and never turn them on. Even in my office, if I could get away with keeping the lights off, I totally would.

My sunroom has one big window that takes up the end wall, with two long side windows, which creates the perfect little box. Then there are the skylights. The ceiling is really high, well over 12 feet, and it is angled. The skylights add such a nice touch.

The only things in my sunroom are a computer desk (which I don't use anymore  - it's more of a catch all, which his majesty hates.) There is also a rolling shelf, tall, wood cd stand and a day bed/couch.

Last weekend I bought several new plants, and I have to say, they are thriving quite nicely.

I always come in here in the morning, still in my pjs, with my cup of coffee and I pound out whatever ridiculous thoughts pop into my head.

That's another thing, the smells in the morning. It's always so fresh and cool in here. Mix that with the aroma of the coffee, and the sweet smells that float from the bathroom after one of us had a shower -it's just a great mix.

I guess that's sort of the theme today. The little things  - the details. Counting my blessings. I LOVE to be able to wake up at 6am and spend 30 minutes alone in the sunroom. I really love this time. It's sort of a race, to get something out in my morning writing, then to go and get dressed. This is my centering moment each day.

I wanted to share a few photos with you from this past week until today. Just a few...

Just celebrating the little things...

Last week we had a two hour phone bank at one of my TV sponsors. I took this from the moniter in the room..

Here are our lovely cardiac nurses answering your calls

Sooo.. my new thing this week - Tangelos. I am addicted.

I bought this cd last week at Sojourns, A Fair Trade Market. Fantastic!

This is the fabulous cookbook I bought at the Lebanese Food & Cultural Festival. Should help me in my quest to be a better wife to his majesty.

One of my new plants.. taken at night... you can kinda get a sneak peak at my cd collection.. lol

Sunday it was just me, my book and my music by the pool

My view

The essentials

I've had these guys for over a year. They are doing very well.

Taken this morning... while I was writing my post. This is my every morning..

Nothing fancy - but it works.


Dawn said...

Love it! I love the sounds of a quiet morning, coffee in hand and the view of the lake outside my window.

Enjoy your "Thurstonday" hehe

Anonymous said...

I totally love natural lighting vs well, lights. Great photos!!!
FYI: sorry to do this to you..but the entire site changed as well as the url this morning. Won't you please come back and follow?

TV's Take said...

What a great room & a great way to start the day.

The Bipolar Diva said...

I want a sunroom!

Anonymous said...

That window seat is HEAVEN! So, so jealous!

Jane@flightplatformliving said...

natural light and coffee to drink...bliss! x


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