Saturday, May 28, 2011

Staycation gets an A+ so far

It's just little ol' me and a few days to do as I please! It's a beautiful thing.

Just to catch you up a bit, I have Friday - Tuesday off for Memorial Day weekend. MUCH needed time - not sure if it is enough, but came just in the nick of time!

I have to admit, I have been a little bummed about not being able to go anywhere for Memorial Day, but in the end, it is probably best. There is something therapeutic about waking up in your own bed, and not having to travel.

So WHAT did I do last night and today? My first 24 hours of vacation time? Oh.. it is waaaaay boring for you guys, but was a blast for me. :-)

I started out by making homemade blueberry waffles. (Yes, those are fresh blueberries.) After work - I ran home to find the one thing I had been craving all day -

So, they did not come out looking pretty, but they tasted AWESOME. I used sugar free syrup on them!

Afterwards - I did a little "tending" to my plants. All seems to be growing well!

Looks like a little bloom popping up!

Check out all of the little babies growing out of the sides..

Next - I took a quick nap on the day bed. This is the room that I am about to completely redecorate and get new furniture for. See.. the two pillows I made?! I am going to base the colors of the room off of the colors in the pillows! I have a few more to make soon!

You can see how much the red flowers are blooming! (Also - I love this time of day - when the sun begins to set.)

Next - was time to watch So You Think You Can Dance.

Then it was off to bed for me!

This morning, after taking the egyptian to work, I came back, got in my pjs and enjoyed a little Netflix. I watched a movie that was equivalent to a trashy, romance novel (or at least a Lifetime movie) - called Angel. Based on some 19th century love story. Sooo silly... but perfect for step one of staycation.

Later it was junk food time - Water, Bean Dip (which is actually looooow on the WW points) and the piece de resistence - Doritos!

Next - I copied the final recipes from the cookbooks I had checked out from the library.

The rest of the day went fairly well - I did my typical Friday errands - driving the egyptian to the mosque for Friday prayer. Since it was so hot, I decided to not sit in the parking lot waiting for him, and instead headed to a fabric story to price the stuffing for pillows, followed by dropping off those library books.

Then the rest of the day was me cooking Green Chicken Curry (a wonderful Thai recipe) and watching Pirate Radio with the egyptian.

After a long bath (and a little reading) - and one more movie - Easy A - lol loved it...

I find myself here - at midnight.. randomly recording the worlds most uneventful day!

OH there is one piece of amazing news.. but it must wait. Trust me - it is HUGE!

Okay.. Nighty night. Again - I have tried to comment on blogs, no luck. I do apologize.


Anonymous said...

So you have definitely been a busy little bee! OMG Nicole, your plants are absolutely beautiful! Great post! Enjoy the rest of your Staycation!

Yenta Mary said...

Oh, what a perfect staycation! Time is such a luxury; and to just have a few moments to take care of little things you've been meaning to do relieves so much stress ... and isn't that what vacation is supposed to be about???

Wendy said...

I'm a big fan of the staycation! Loved "Easy A", cute movie!

Leslie Limon said...

Any day that starts with blueberry waffles is a good day! :)

I looked at your choice of cookbooks on Amazon and ended up buying United Cakes of America. :P It should arrive here in Mexico in the next 3 to 6 weeks. :)

Leanne said...

Cool day . . . I long for one like this (staycation definitely has its benefits, having just returned from a vacation - I'm exhausted!) Especially seeing that the cost of the vacation. Funny thing is - when you ask Ella what was her favorite part of the WHOLE TRIP to Disney, she'll tell you riding in the "new car" (the rental). I told PG next time we are going to the local enterprise rental place and renting a car for a few hours - she'll LOVE it and it will cost tons less!


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