Thursday, May 5, 2011

You really should

Two truths about this car - it is retro and it is red. Kind of like my day is going to be tomorrow: retro & red.

Retro - because the company I work for will be hosting an event at The Club in Birmingham. This place is about as retro as you can get. (I promise to take numerous pics tomorrow)


Red - because it is the 4th Annual Go Red for Women Luncheon.

A sea of red... seriously. The table clothes are red, the chairs are red, the pens are red, the dresses we will all be wearing all be red...

I joked with my friend/co-worker, Laura, that it will look like a vampire's wet dream. A sea of red.

I am super excited about the luncheon for several reasons.

1. I love a good event with a great message.

2. My favorite color IS red.

3. My favorite people at work are putting this event on.

4. It is the last event of the season.. (well the last BIGGEST one of this fiscal year.. which ends June 30.)

It's like our office let's out a collective sigh of relief. At least, the people around me do. Unfortunately, for me, (or fortunately - depends on how you look at it) - I cover the state, as well as Pensacola.. soo.. my fiscal year will not end up June 30 - b/c there is ALWAYS something to promote.

If you are a Birmingham resident, and you have the "means" to participate, we would love to have you. The tickets are $150 a piece - the Luncheon starts at noon, but the breakout sessions start at 11am. We have an amazing speaker, and entertaining emcees, as well as super fun breakout sessions.

Go to

Now I am off to attempt to watch one quick movie on netflix before bed. Though, my eyes are starting to want to close (how sad.. it's only 8:56 and I am ready to sleep..) Such a boring life I lead. LOL

Until tomorrow! :-)


Anonymous said...

I would be all over this event! I love RED & The Go Red for Cancer is right up my alley!

Have a lovely time!

TV's Take said...

Hope the event is a smashing success!

becca said...

sounds like a great event and totally loving the car

Anonymous said...

THANKS FOR ALL THAT YOU DO! Such an important event!


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