Monday, May 23, 2011

State of the Union

"He who trims himself to suit everyone will soon whittle himself away." ~Raymond Hull

If you are new to Destination: Unknown, you might not follow what all is going on. One day I write about an issue that is bothering me, the next I might share some quirky little tid-bits, and then next I will leave a little blood, sweat, and tears on this page.

When my closest friends ask me, "Hey, how are you doing?" My honest answer the past two weeks has been, "Oh you know - up and down."

After a long line of "non personal" updates, I tend to drop a little "State of the Union" post and catch you up on my daily drama.

Let's start with my plants! Didn't expect that one, did you? Many of you might remember, I bought about 6 new plants a little over a month ago. The good news - they are growing wonderfully!! The red plant (that's what I call it) is blooming beautifully! The little green succulent plant is growing little babies. Blows my mind - because I did not expect my plants to grow so well. I am VERY PROUD of this tiny accomplishment. The bad news? The super-obsessively-clean egyptian found a small fruit fly or two in the house, and he believes the plants are what is attracting them, and has requested I move them out of the house. Of course, I think the little fruit fly came in b/c we had tangerines and apples that were starting to go bad in the fruit bowl. Now that the fruit is gone, time will tell.

Sewing projects. Wait... can you believe I am talking about all of this domesticated crap? Me either. LOL Okay.. sooo.. you guys know my friend Laura came over last Thursday to teach me how to thread my machine, and how to make pillows. Well.... I decided to come home after work on Friday and try all by myself. And I did it! I almost lost my mind though, I began to re-thread the bobbin thingy and somehow took the pieces apart. I am proud to announce, I did not have a melt down - but used my problem solving skills and made a roll pillow!! WOO HOO. Who knew I had it in me?

Cooking - I did not try any amazing recipes this past week. The egyptian thought I was spending too much on food, and making all of these recipes, and then leaving tons of leftovers in the frig. It's partly true. I was leaving a lot of left overs, but I am a super budget shopper. But you have to remember, he comes from a place where the average person makes $50 American dollars a month. Anything over $10 can seem like a lot. (Though, I have yet to make any comments about the fact that he is getting ready to buy his first car. Oh yeah.. did I mention, it is a BMW? Oh yeah. Did I mention - it will not be used? Don't get me started. LOL)

Home - that brings me to the two of us. We have been trying so much harder to do things together. I think we see things for what they are. Two type A personalities, perfectionists about different things, with two totally different agendas (though - mine never changed...I swear!) and just trying to make it all work. We are rebuilding our friendship. That's how that is going.

Work - ...... well.... it is going okay. It is almost the end of the fiscal year. Plugging away at my little goals. These goals can make or break a person's future with the company. It's not like, "Hey.. if you don't make it - that's okay, we will try again." No.. these numbers can be the end of the line if you are not careful. I know I am good at what I do. I have amazing relationships with my media partners, I have helped my co-workers understand cause marketing.. but.. at the end of the day.. I am judged on something else. So be it.

Good news - blessings/opportunities in my life keep making little appearances. More on that another day.. month or year. ;-)

I began volunteering this week with the YWCA. What I like about the Y is that their mission is to stop racism and empower women. They do a wide variety of work with homeless women, battered women, and possibly a few other types of issues with women. Today I went to work in My Sister's Closet. It is a used clothes store that the Y owns. They use the donated clothes to sell to the public and raise funds for the Y, as well as allow women that are in need, pick out clothing for job interviews, etc. I am only donating an hour a week, but it was nice to know I was able to help.. in just a tiny way. I think I would enjoy doing something a little more intense (like actually work with their crisis line or something..) but this is all they would give me. Sort of mindless work for someone like me... but I did it. I smiled, I left. Not sure if it is something that will hold my interest... but I will give it the old college try.

I need to go back and check in with Impact Counseling. Back in January, I was supposed to attend a training to work with youth who's parents may be incarcerated. With all of the crazy stuff going on with the egyptian returning from Egypt, only to take off for NYC, sort of threw me off balance. Perhaps getting in contact with them and trying that again - might fulfill that need in me to make a greater impact, rather than just sorting clothes.

As for things I am looking forward to - I was invited to a little private viewing party at one of our local TV stations to watch the final episode of Oprah. Should be fun! I have fallen away from watching Oprah for years now, but she is such a cultural icon, how can I not go?

One more disappointment to share - Remember the nonfiction writer's group I was supposed to join? I gave my schedule to the group, and lo and behold - they picked a time I cannot do. Of course. That's okay.. I always look at things like a sign, and that was mine. :-)

That is all for now.. my current State of the Union. I am tired, as in - needing a vacation tired. I am excited to watch the finale of Dancing with the Stars. I am always pulling for Maksim..and I adore Kirstie. However, I don't think she will win. In that case - it's Hines all the way!

Here's hoping for a fabulous week! Have a good one folks - I am going to make Tuesday my bitch. ;-) hahaha

PS - As for my post on Islamic Feminism, I do believe that women in Islamic countries are not afforded the same rights as women in western countries. I am not saying they have to be like western women, but should be allowed to make that decision for themselves. I could care less if someone chooses to wear a hijab or not.. but I do think it should be a choice. Like the nuns.. they don't HAVE to wear the habit, but some do. :-) I say this with love.

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Modomadre said...

Hahahaaaaaaa...I wanna make Tuesday "my" bitch too!!! That's just what I needed to hear tonight Nicole! Oh...and that Oprah's finale is Wednesday. I think I need to get home early for that one. I can't believe it's over but I've been getting into watching her OWN network. Have you checked it out? The backstories of her shows have been great. Really gives an insight to what goes into pulling these shows together. Kinda like how you pull an event together and people think it's SOOOOOO easy to do. Yeah, right...that's why they aren't pulling events together and WE ARE! Okay...I guess you can see where this is going! Ha! Thanks for the great post - always love reading them. This is the first itme I've actually left a comment on the actual BLOG!!!!
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