Sunday, May 15, 2011


Soooo... I had a really bizarre dream last night. It was so vivid and DEFINITELY perceived to be in color.
It was one of those recurring dreams, but this time, there was nothing scary about "The House."

Oh, don't know about The House. I will explain later.

I am not sure why we were at The House. 1/2 of the dream I thought it was ours (as in my family's) and the other 1/2 it belonged to different people at different times of the dream. That was not the important part, not to mention it seemed perfectly normal. BTW - the whole scene happened during "Christmas" or so the decor int he house tells me.

What strikes me as odd - is the fact that my sister was a little girl again. I would guestimate around 8 or 9. She and I were guests in this HUGE amazing mansion, as well as our family. It was evening, and everyone was going to bed. She and I climb the numerous stairs to the second floor. We pick two rooms side by side, but she wants me to come into her room and read her a story.

Then suddenly, her room has a wall covered in crucifixes, and beautiful candles everywhere. Then appears the egyptian. He makes the comment, "These are really beautiful crosses." Which floored me, because - I did not think he liked crosses.

Then he vanished. But it did not concern me. I remember looking through a window and seeing the perfect "girls room" ~ all white and fluffy and beautiful. I thought to myself, "Why did I not pick that room. It looks perfect and not at all scary."

The reason my "dream me" thought this is because I knew I had been to the house several times. In The House, there is always one room that terrifies me, and I am afraid to open the door or pass by it. THIS time, I was not afraid.

Suddenly, I decide to open the door to the room, and it changes. It is now a game room, with all of my (maternal side) relatives playing a board game or creating a train set (it kept changing.) Wilhena (my great aunt and God Mother) asked me, "Would you two like to join us." I replied, "No - we are about to read a story." Looking back, what was bizarre about that room, is that everyone was younger. I saw my cousin Jeffery, and his sister, Julie (who is now deceased) and tons of others - but it was the younger version of themselves.

I head back to the room, and Heather (my sister) changes from young to her current age. But that did not matter...

Suddenly the door opens and in comes my Great Grandmother - Granny. She looked the way she always looked before she got frail. She pulled a chair up and told us girls to lay down and let her read a story, of course we climbed into the bed.

Suddenly, my mom opens the door and asked what we are doing. My Granny told her all was fine, she was with Heather and I and not to worry.

Then Granny climbs onto the bed, and has tears in her eyes. She is laying on her side and says, "I really loved life. Then .. well.. you know, I died and left you." I looked at her and said, "I know Granny, don't be sad. You died.. it's happens." (or something to that effect.)

My sister seemed confused and did not understand. I hugged Granny and she started crying, then disappeared.

My sister and I decided to go explore The House, which has numerous floors and tons of rooms. (I will write about The House another day.)

Then I woke up  at 5:30am.


Had any weird dreams lately?


SharleneT said...

The best part is that you've written it down. I have recurring transitional dreams that are very vivid and repetitive through my life -- to this day. I think it's a way of your subconscious recognizing the journey of your life and helping you get through.

Bossy Betty said...

Have you looked up what dreaming about a house and unknown floors in them means! I have dreams like this. Glad you recorded it all here!

Heather said...

The room you had been afraid of reminds me of what I like to call the "red room" in Granny's old house... I was petrified going in there or even going past there to get to the bathroom... even after all of these years (and you know how young I was when they built the new house) I still remember that creepy red room.

Erin said...

Nicole, I think you would LOVE the book The Women Who Run With the Wolves. There is a lot about dreams in the book. Fascinating.

Leanne said...

I had a crazy dream last night that I was going back to college - living in the dorms - and my room was on the 10th floor of this building. Phil was coming to the same college with me, staying in a room also on the 10th floor. I remember the elevator of the building was broken, so I had to take the stairs all the way up, pulling my matress all the way up (I have NO idea why I would have been pulling a bed - but I was.) I woke up and felt honestly like a truck ran me over. Really really weird. I love hearing about dreams ... yours was VERY cool. Hmmmm . . .what to think. What to think.


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