Saturday, May 21, 2011

Movies That Move You

The past couple of nights I have been blowing through my Netflix instant play list. On average, I have about 165 movies just waiting to be seen. Just when I thought I had seen them all, a few new suggestions pop up and I am in cinema heaven.

I FINALLY watched the "Stoning of Soryah M." It is in Farsi, with subtitles. Ladies and Gentlemen - you MUST watch this one. It is moving, tragic and true. The movie is so intense, that the egyptian and I discussed it at great length the other day. It was the subject of stoning adulterers in Islamic countries. The problem is - it is difficult to prove your innocence and much too easy to be framed. I actually wrote about this a long time ago, you can read that POST HERE. Still, the egyptian agrees with the Islamic law. Personally, I am 100% against any form of capitol punishment.

Last night I watched the Imitation of Life. *sigh* This one dealt with so many issues (also, is a classic.) There was the issue of race, the issue of choosing career over family, and the teenage angst of falling in love with someone you cannot have.

Before that I watched, "All That Heaven Allows" - a classic with Rock Hudson. This one dealt with society versus blue color, widow falls for the younger gardener.. etc. In the end, as always, love wins.

Love is one POWERFUL drug that I believe no one has the capacity to withstand.


Anonymous said...

The stoning movie honestly sounds like something I'd watch. I need a good movie weekend sometimes soon!

Anonymous said...

Stoning of Soryah M sounds quite interesting.

Kristine said...

Oh Nicole!! I find this thinking, and double standard so maddening!...You know...if Yasser were a woman in his homeland..He could be stoned for running off to N.Y. like he did!..(just sayin)..You, my friend deserve a halo for your patience.
Kristine :-)


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