Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nicole had a big mouth

I wish I could just roll my eyes and walk on.
I know that many people I consider to be "mature" have the beautiful ability to just ignore stupidity.
I, unfortunately, cannot.

If you are a "friend" of mine on FACEBOOK, (not the blog fanpage,) you probably saw my little rant.

Sure, I woke up and saw the FB status updates about Bin Laden. Yes, I had the little discussion in the car with the egyptian (or his majesty as I have chosen to call him these days.) Yes, a few rather twisted remarks were made by people (in person.) Then, by the time I got home, the ignorance was flaming. I should have just ignored it, but I could not.

I actually like when things happen like this. It shows the true colors of people.

It is important to understand, I grew up and continue to live in the deep south. Though we live in a more multi-cultural society, let me assure you - hate still runs deep. It just doesn't show it's royal colors as often as it used to. But given the right circumstances, it will shine brightly.

My favorite example, that a friend of mine pointed out, is that right before or right after someone makes a derogatory statement, they will say, "I'm not a racist." or "But I am not prejudiced." LOL That statement always gives me an eye roll. Then I have friends who grew up with racists parents. (Let's use racist to constitute anything that signifies gender/race/religion/nationality/sexuality - etc. It's just easier for this quick example.) These friends, right after they giggle at a "racist" joke will say, "Oh.. that's just how things were back then." Followed by, "But I am not like that."


Back to my original rant - so the terms I read yesterday were: Rag head, remarks about "Change one letter and the world will be free." - Referring to Obama/Osama. Then I am not sure where people got off thinking this was some free-for-all to bash the President. I am a little confused on this one. He is the Commander in Chief, and the military disposed of one of the FBI's most wanted. Okay. When Bush was in office, Saddam was also captured and turned over to authorities to be executed. Okay. Why is one a celebration of leadership, and another is not? Not to mention the comment someone left on my page about how there needs to be a policy to stop this country from becoming a "melting pot" of immigrants. I reminded this young man, unless he is 100% Native American, he should be glad we are a melting pot.

Fine - you are not a democrat. Hell, I'm not a democrat. (I consider myself an independent.) Yes, I voted for Obama - based on his stand on certain issues. You don't have to like his leadership or his policies. But what does that have to do with the origin of his name, his birthplace, the religion of his father, or the color of his skin?

Needless to say, the ridiculous status updates gave me the perfect opportunity to delete. Not to mention, a local tv/radio announcer in Macon, Georgia - on his FB page was calling Muslims - Ragheads. Naturally, I commented and then deleted the guy.

There is such a hate in people. A hate I do not understand. You all know I live with a Muslim and struggle with the cultural and religious differences, but I see no reason to bash an entire people based on one person's decisions. If that were the case, then I would be lumped into the bunch with the ignorant rednecks that choose to pretend to "not hate" yet continually offend.. why? Because I am from the south.


Okay.. that's all for now. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Let it out. F*CK IT!!! =)

Leanne said...

The title of this post made my day - ha! Let it out, dearie. I love when you rant.

TV's Take said...

I have wrote many a blog posts about focusing on the differences. It's sooo much easier to focus on what makes us different than trying to see or appreciating how we are the same. Osama excluded.

Erin said...

Okay, two things.

First, I LOVE how honest you always are on your blog! LOVE IT!!

Second, I couldn't agree more. I was disgusted by a few things I saw in my FB news feed. The first is how people were celebrating the death of another human being. Am I relieved he can no longer call the shots and pull the trigger? You bet. But the "human" inside of me doesn't want to celebrate his death. Am I mourning? Certainly not. But I'm not celebrating either.

AAAAND, now to what you were saying about the Ob/sama thing. Gag me. I voted for Obama as well. Do I think he's pussied out on some issues? Sure. Do I still like him? Definitely. Ugh.

Your blog rocks. And sorry for the novel comment.

Jen Has A Pen said...

I saw your FB comment the other day. Agreed. I'm not racist buuuuuut, a redneck will make me go ape shit. This is brave of you to put this out there, and I appreciate every single word. Well done.

Anonymous said...

You knooow I completely agree with you on the Obama thing. I was talking to my mom the other day about it, and I explained to her all the things he has done--or at least tried to do, and most of it stands up against his campaign promises. Despite what the news is telling us to think, Obama is actually accomplishing a whole lot (or trying to).

I don't understand why everyone is hating on him. I kind of want to slap them in the face and remind them that they need to educate themselves on the issues, not just take the word of the news.

So frustrating.


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