Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I am not, but if I were...

I am not on vacation. To perfectly honest, it may well be July or August, or even September before I can actually take some time off.

In the meantime, I thought I would paint a picture of what my imaginary vacation looks like..
**These pics came from Google Image Search**

I would start by packing my bags. I would seek out old vintage luggage in various colors.

What is a vacation without an amazing beach getaway. This is EXACTLY what I dream of.

Or how about whisking away to Greece, and choosing the perfect little villa to rent for a few weeks? This has always been a vacation dream of mine!

Perfect time to rent that felucca I am always dreaming of.

Spend the evenings, just me and the egyptian  - on a rooftop balcony, watching the sunset.

Lazy afternoons floating on a hot pink float in a refreshing pool!

Head to South America and hike to the waterfalls through the rain forest.

Meet up with friends and family and go for a little cook-out.

Take a quick weekend get-away to a quaint Bed & Breakfast in a tiny village somewhere.

Wander the outdoor markets in some random beach town on some random island..

Can't leave home without this!

Sit by the beach and paint. No, I am not an artist - but do it for fun.

Have dinner with the egyptian in some outdoor cafe by the sea

Drive to tiny towns and partake in their outdoor festivals

Catch as many firework shows as possible

Rent a bike by the sea...

Spend a day kayaking the sea

Stumble upon hidden treasures

Coffee and tea in the afternoon

Find a glass bottom boat tour

Shop in NYC

Attend a few outdoor concerts

Try a little parasailing

Take a cooking tour of Provence

Hang out in the lagoon pools

Play in the water sprinkler

consume fruity island drinks

Wander the streets of a cliff side village

Time to come back down to earth!


Holly Diane said...

wow! I want to go on your vacation!!!! it sounds perfect.

Norwegian Phoenix said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Just stopping by to say hi when I got engrossed in any/all of those pictures. I'll take any of those vacations happily!

Have a great afternoon!

Anonymous said...

I am itching for a vacation, myself! Must get my travel on, and soon!!! Until then, I'll bask in the glory of your photos. (Where did you find that one of vintage luggage? It's amazing!)

TV's Take said...

Those outdoor cafes look ideal! Hope you get to all of them.


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