Monday, January 21, 2013

Oh Happy Weekend

Certainly, there MUST be an award for someone who was able to make it to almost all of her commitments, host out of town guests, and somehow complete the shopping needed for my birthday party in a few weeks.


Let's start with Thursday - I was super exhausted and super stressed. I wanted a mid-afternoon indulgence and I got it - A walk to Dolce Vita on Cherry Street and ordered a piece of tiramisu and a english toffee latte. Worth every calorie.

Let me back up another week. Guess who led a financial fitness workshop at the museum for our First Friday Forum? My husband - the egyptian!

The very next weekend - we celebrated my sister's 36th birthday at our Second Saturday Storytelling!

Did I mention the fantastic jams that are available at the Macon Bibb County CVB? Oh yeah.. been eating the jam on my biscuits all week.

Friday was my mom's 62nd bday. I took her to lunch at Molly's Cafe at the corner of MLK and Cherry.

After lunch, she and I went shopping for my birthday party supplies!

That night - I went with our Curator to see the closing reception of "Connections" at Macon Arts Alliance's Gallery

Then we bolted over to my mom's gallery for the opening reception of their show - AND to celebrate her birthday.

THEN my friends Margaret, Tonya, Jeff and I all headed down to Roasted to relax. 

The very next day we ended up with out of town guests from Birmingham. Helen (from Russia ) and Colin (from Jamaica) stopped over for the night. I took them for a stroll through downtown and we stopped at Roasted to warm up.

Here my husband is chatting it up with Colin

This is funny to me. The egyptian is very particular about his Turkish coffee, so he insisted he teach this guy the proper way to make it. I seriously cannot make this up. We were all laughing (including the guy.) Who was very sweet... and patient.

The next morning we hit all of the historic sites in Macon

Typical style of home in downtown Macon. BIG. Beautiful. 

THEN - we headed to my museum for the opening reception of "Full Spectrum"

Here's mom - she's the president of Middle Georgia Art Association

With her painting - the Bottle Tree. (FOR SALE)

Aren't they cute? My mom and dad with her painting - Sunflower (FOR SALE)

Mom with her painting - Check mate- FOR SALE

That's me

Here is the egyptian, the founder of the museum, the russian and the jamaican all enjoying a little conversation

Dean Brown performing

Jeff (our curator) and my friend, Wendy

NOW - today - Tonya and I taking off for the MLK march through downtown

Here is my boss chatting it up with a little girl on the march

Tonya and I celebrating.. well.. not being oppressed!

I love the sign

This was adorable

A little "power to the people" moment

Good times


My hometown

Heading back..


scrapwordsmom said...

I am just so happy for you Nicole!! You really found an amazing place to work!!!:) Love seeing and hearing you soooo happy!!!!

Tesha Vann said...

GREAT photos! I feel like your life is full of love and experiences. Go Nicole!


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