Saturday, January 26, 2013

Things I have learned this week

1. If when you get home from an event, and you can't feel your toes, that means you had a great night and super cute shoes.

2. Apparently I am allergic to the Wobble. It's just not my thing. Have you actually listened to the words to that song? Kind of gross.

3. 4 or more inches off my hair does the body good. My hair looks healthier, and it will grow back - mark my words, 4 or 5 months, right back where we started from.

4. I was also allergic to the gym this week. I promise to remedy that next week.

5. I love painting my nails red and wearing fire engine red lipstick. POW!

6. Yeah yeah yeah

7. I can't believe I am saying this, but I am looking forward to the warmer weather. (EEK.) I think I am over winter (which never really came.) This faux fall is bothering me.

8. I teeter tottering on a few key issues in my life. Got to either stay the course, or make a swift change. Hmmm

9. I am actually excited about Leadership Macon. The retreat is Monday & Tuesday! I am sure it will be fun.
What is Leadership Macon?

In 1979, through the Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce, Charles Jay and Bob Hatcher brought 25 local leaders from diverse areas and backgrounds in Middle Georgia to form the first Leadership Macon class. It has been an annual program since then. Formally organized as an unincorporated association on October 16, 1984, Leadership Macon boasts over 600 alumni.
Each monthly Leadership Macon seminar provides a forum for community decision-makers to present topics of interest, and issues of importance and concern. During the course of one year, several speakers and facilitators discuss challenging changes, complex situations and various viewpoints. The seminar format provides an opportunity for hard-line questions and answers. It also sets an appropriate stage for digging deeply into topics that are perhaps only lightly addressed during formal, but routine, newscasts or other public forums. Therefore, each year the class focus changes somewhat to reflect the pulse of the community. Also examined are leadership styles, characteristics, and effectiveness. Traditionally an orientation retreat begins the program each year in January; the class meets monthly from February through November; participants graduate in December.
Each year Leadership Macon brings together outstanding individuals, and each one brings with them matchless and unparalleled perspectives of our community. It has been said that Leadership Macon attempts to draw upon this unique feature during the frank and candid exchange of ideas. It is indeed upon this foundation that this vital program will continue to build.
Through the years, Leadership Macon has also promoted civic responsibility by encouraging involvement, as well as breeding enthusiasm and dedication. It is the ultimate goal of Leadership Macon that its participants will enrich our community through active involvement in shaping its future. By encouraging the utilization of the leadership capabilities of its participants and its growing alumni, Leadership Macon is meeting the challenge.

10. I miss my Auttie Blossom. I have not had her spend the night in a while. It's time. I'm on the phone now..

11. My Autumn fix is complete.

12. Skipping laundry for an entire week is a TERRIBLE idea. Though I could probably go well over a month without ever re wearing something.. I do hate the stack that I have to tackle this morning.

13. Ever been surrounded by people and yet, feel alone?

14. I would like to sign up for another class of sorts. I am enjoying my french lesson. However, I need more.

15. I've always wanted to join the Peace Corps, but I thought, in the meantime, what if I volunteered to do "mission trips" (not religious affiliated or religious.. doesn't matter.) and traveled each year THAT way? Fulfill my goal, but hold down a full time job?

16. I've met some truly fantastic people this week. Really amazing people. I love when that happens.

17. My closet is slowly turning blue. Literally. My clothes.. so many shades of blue.

18. Which may be a problem this spring. Apparently green is the color.

19. I want to go camping in March. Who's with me?

20. The book idea - completely out the door. I just don't have the time. Or motivation.

1 comment:

Robyn Burke said...

#15.... I am currently reading "The Voluntourist" by Ken Budd.... recommended reading!


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