Saturday, January 19, 2013

Things I Have Learned This Week

Now for the weekly dose of "What Nicole Has Learned This Week."

1. Smiling all day is an art form. Since my job requires me to be friendly, I believe I need a line in a contract somewhere promising me that once I begin to develop laugh lines (God forbid,) my place of business will underwrite any botox injections I may need.*

2. When attending your own birthday party where you have asked everyone to dress as Holly Golightly, it is important to remember that I should not dress as Miss Golightly.

3. I am allergic to cheap coffee. The symptoms? My nose suddenly turns up in a squinched position. My mouth begins to smack its tongue against the roof of my mouth in an attempt to remove the flavor from its taste buds. Then I proceed to gag a bit. It's an awful sight.

4. Sweet Jesus, the Georgia pines are killing me. Or the mold. Or whatever else is in the air. I think I am allergic to my home state. (Readjustment period.)

5. I am disappointed the Macon Film Festival falls the weekend of my birthday. I would love to attend, BUT.. I have to turn 40 in grand style. Hmmm.. maybe next year.

6. No more roast beef. I am not sure what happened to me this week, or what nutrients I have been lacking, but I have craved roast beef all week. Soooo.. I indulged all week. However, I hardly EVER eat meat. Belly is suddenly rounder than normal. Not good.

7. One day, I hope to write a tell-all book about the ridiculousness of small town politics, made-up local royalty, and gentrification. O.M.G. Deep in it.

8. Retail Therapy works for me. I hate to admit it. It puts me in a good mood. Dress for All That Jazz and my birthday - DONE. Shoes - DONE.

9. I feel a little jipped by my wonderful friends at the CVB. The first month I began working at the museum, I came up with an idea for a PSA called, "I am the Tubman." Now.. they are coming up with a program called "I am Macon." *sigh* That's okay.. my idea still may work and I might be able to find some way to collaborate. At the end of the day - Creative minds think alike.

10. No gym this week= lazy Nicole, with a belly full of roast beef. WTH?

11. Snippy is as snippy does... but not with me. Keep your snips to yourself, people. Trust me.

12. This week's obsession? Michael Buble. I downloaded all of his albums. Seriously. I am also on a Man Men marathon. Yes.. I am always a little late to the game in some aspects. I like to "like" things on my own accord, not because it is the latest and greatest.

Unfamiliar with Michael? (Which I could not imagine!) Here is my favorite song by him:

Mad Men? Here you go:

13. Favorite KCup this week - Kahlua flavored coffee with Bailey's White Silk & Spice creamer.

14. I hate to admit it, but I am really disappointed more of my friends can't make it to my birthday party. :-( It's a nice little group, but there are so many people I would love to see.

15. Looks like Chicago in May

16. PLEASE purchase a ticket to ALL THAT JAZZ. (If you are local.) Or make a donation. You would make me so VERY happy.

17. This is terrible to say, but I saw a list with potential presenters at a certain workshop and I'm super disappointed. Folks... oh.. never mind.

18. In book three of the Sookie Stackhouse series, and I'm ready to finish it. They are losing me.. quickly...

19. I got to thinking the other day about my husband's religion. Let's say I decided to convert to Islam (which I am not,) and I suddenly wore a hajib, would I be able to keep my job? What would the people of this community say? It sort of irritated me to think of the ignorance that would probably erupt. The questions. The whispers.  I don't know... just something that crossed my mind. It is very easy for him to be a Muslim, there is very little outward symbols. But as a woman, that's a different story. Also, what if I (being who I am, and what I know, and the experience I have) tried to get a job somewhere as a Marketing Director? Would I be taken seriously? Would people whisper, "She's got great experience.. but.. will she resonate with our volunteers and the community at large?" Anyway.. just something I was thinking about. To my friends and readers that are female/Muslim and wearing the veil, I wish you all the best. It can't be easy.

20. Finally, oh what I would give for a seriously permanent hair color. Sheesh. Every four weeks just to look young? KILLING ME. (financially that is.)


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