Thursday, January 24, 2013

Can One Get Too Much Sleep?

For two nights,  I have ended up with over 12 hours sleep. Yes, you read that right - in 48 hours, I have slept 24 of those. Ha!

Last night I went to bed at 7pm, the night before 8pm. Wild, I tell you! 

Yes, I am have been super busy. SUPER busy. But it's all good stuff. I honestly believe the out of town guests arriving the weekend that I happen to have an event was a bit much to deal with. 
Oh yeah.. and there is this little thing called "All That Jazz" this weekend. (Little.. as in.. about a 1,000 people in formal wear enjoying jazz, dinner, dancing and supporting the museum.)

So yesterday I wrote this extremely short, catty blog post. Honestly, it was the end of the day and I was feeling, well, punchy. There was nothing wrong with the categories, and some of them I happily chose someone or some place, others... it began to feel like, well, one of the biggest issues this place has - it was the same people or places over and over, and all of these people happen to be friends with each other. That's where the "interesting" part came in. It was a survey for people to vote for the "Best of Macon." Again, many choices were great - but sometimes I began to just raise an eyebrow and say to myself, "There are so many BETTER choices..." Thank God I saw our museum on there for best art. That's something, right? 

Something really interesting happened yesterday. At my Rotary meeting, I was sitting next to the Director of the Salvation Army and the President of the Children's Hospital. For one, I learned so much about how the "Bell Ringing" program actually works for Salvation Army and then I learned about the importance of the Children's Hospital. Yes, yes.. obviously it's important, but did you know that the hospital in Macon is the ONLY spot for children from here to Jacksonville, up to Atlanta, and from the Alabama State line to the Atlantic Ocean? That's  a HUGE territory. The gentlemen was calling this area the "Death Belt" - since the number of traffic accidents that take place and the lack of "close" trauma ready hospitals. Luckily, our Children's Hospital has a helicopter pad. Hmm.. who knew? Very important place. I will pay close attention from this point on if there are any fundraising opportunities for the hospital. Sounds like a worthy institution.

Well.. I totally bombed on going to the gym this week. Clearly I am physically and mentally exhausted. I think the rest is needed and I can jump back on the wagon on Saturday. It's simply just not going to happen this week.

As for the upcoming weekend: Tomorrow night is All That Jazz. I am sure I will share the pics with you on Saturday or Sunday. I am excited about my dress. Then on Monday I leave for a retreat. I am in the Class of 2013 for Leadership Macon. The retreat sounds like a lot of fun. I hope to share that experience when I return. 

I want to welcome all of my new followers! I have noticed the number of views were going up again and if you are stopping by for the first time, take a moment and look around! Welcome!

Have a great Thursday!


Leslie Limon said...

Not sure if my first comment went through, so here it is again:

24 hours of sleep in 2 days? Sounds heavenly to me, and I'm totally jealous. :)

Tesha Vann said...

Good luck with your fun and busy event!


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