Saturday, January 12, 2013

Things I have learned this week

If you are stopping by for the first time, "Things I have learned this week" is a little tongue-n-cheek look at my chaotic week. I typically post these on Saturdays.

1. My idea of a fantastic pop of color in my living room does not always translate with my counterpart.

2. Did you know you could make $75,000 (all living expenses covered) if you teach in China for one year? WOW. That's 75k bank, my friends.

3. Okay.. this is a little personal.. but WOW> My new.. um.. well.. bras... have me lifted and separated. I have to admit, the sisters look good! ;-)

4. I am deep into the lives of Sookie Stackhouse and Vampire Bill. Loving my Kindle STILL and loving the True Blood books.

5. I finally got into Desperate Housewives. Not bad. Watching on Netflix from the beginning. I keep giggling.

6. Joined the gym. Gained 2 pounds. Please tell me that's muscle.

7. I am getting excited about Leadership Macon. I saw the course schedule and I think I will have a TON of inspiration for future activism/type posts!

8. Okay. Decisions... Decisions. When to visit my little trio of fantastic Midwesterners (Leanne, Laura & Peggy?) Colombia or Paris? Seriously - help me decide. :-)

9. Speaking of France/Paris/etc - Rosetta stone is going well. It's definitely getting harder. Heading into grammar. Eek.

10. How cool is this? I get to be a mentor to a mass communications major from my alma mater? I love helping college students!

11. ABBA is my obsession lately. And Otis. That's what's on ipod these days.

12. David & Cathy Guetta's Ibiza Dance Mix is excellent for the treadmill.

13. I made a goal to add a few more interesting people to menagerie. It's working out splendidly.

14. Heels: Friend or Foe? The jury is still out on that one.

15. I've added Cajun seasonings to my food (since my trip.) I am liking the change from the mid east (sumac/turmeric/cumin) flavors.

16. Looking for a real coffee "Wake Me Up?" Dark Magic in the K cups. WOWza.

17. I finally drew a line in the sand with involvement. I was asked to join Junior League. (Don't laugh, Laura Rowe.) I just don't see me doing that.

18. I am tossing back and forth the idea of taking this certification course in photography. It would be great on the resume, and very useful for work.. and play.. but.. the commitment. Hmmm..

19. I need a manicure. But I am terrified of contracting a fungal infection from dirty instruments. Weird phobia.

20. Still seeking happiness and living up to my word of the year. How about you?

1 comment:

Peggy K said...

Wait, so Midwest is right up there with Colombia and Paris!?!? Awww-RIGHT!!! Well, even if it's for an extended weekend, you MUST come to the Midwest!! Great reason for a party!!!!

Heels - FOE!! For many years now. Hell, I won't even wear a dress! So no need to bother with heels. After all, the best thing they do is accent your calves and if you're always wearing pants, then why bother.

Re: Desperate Housewives...I liked it better the first couple of seasons. After that, I lost interest. I attribute that to my short attention span with any series!

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