Thursday, January 10, 2013

Love. Life. Coffee.

I did not sleep well last night. I had the weirdest dreams and probably got about 6 hours sleep. I could have hit snooze, instead, I felt like writing.

And consuming coffee.

Today's choice? Newman's Own Special Blend - Extra bold. You know, I'm a K-cup girl now. It's absolutely wonderful to be able to try a new coffee each day. I can truly appreciate the subtle differences. Currently my favorites are: Newman's Own, Kahlua, and the Nantucket Blend. I have about a 1/2 a dozen of other choices on my coffee carousel, but for now, I notice I grab those first.

Soooo much going on these days. For one, I am working on a piece for Macon Magazine. It's about our Distance Learning program at the Tubman. That's been a small labor of love for sure. Tracking almost five years of data reminds me of the old days in television. I should be finished today. I also worked on a "wedpage" for a friend of mine, (who happens to be a writer.) Not only is SHE a writer, but she is the head of our Macon Writer's Group AND is an English Professor. I laughed and warned her to just clean up the grammatical and spelling errors, (which I am notorious for.) But I completely understood why she needed someone else help her tell her love story. She's a busy girl and it's hard to write about yourself. Those of us who blog about our lives completely understand. I was thrilled to open my mailbox and discover she sent me a little gratitude payment - $50 gift card to Starbucks. I should be set!! LOL Let's just hope she does not regret it after she reads what I sent. It was just a first draft, as any good instructor can, she could always send it back for revisions. :-)

I am also busy promoting the hell out of All That Jazz. If you are local, please consider buying a ticket. It's so important for the funding of the museum. Operations as well as our education programs come out of the funds raised from All That Jazz. We are a nonprofit, and we do not have an endowment - yet, so it is crucial we make a fantastic profit. Our goal is only around $90,000. Which seems like a drop in the bucket from the money we used to raise at the American Heart Association Heart Ball ($1,000,000.) But I am in a different city, and 90K is a lot of money for a place this small. We are almost there, but need we need to sell those balcony seats to the general public. They are $40. You see two internationally known jazz artists - Phil Perry and then Pieces of a Dream. Apparently people in the jazz world are familiar with these two. I am particularly interested in seeing Pieces of a Dream. I watched a few Youtube videos and I really enjoyed their sound.

As far as media is concerned for this event - excellent coverage thus far. (Which, for those of you who do not understand what I do - outside of fundraising, is mainly Marketing.) I have PSAs running on Cox Cable, and Channel 41NBC. If you listen to the Clear Channel stations, they are running liners and giving away balcony tickets in contests. The Macon Black Pages are sending out Eblasts. The Telegraph is giving us one full page full color in the Jan. 20th Sunday's edition. (Score!) The 11th Hour is going to feature us. Out & About is mentioning us. I posted items in Atlanta's Creative Loafing, Savannah's Connection, Birmingham's B&W, and finally posters/postcards and tons of social media. Guess how much all of that cost? ZERO DOLLARS. Why? Because that's what I do. ;-)

As for me personally - all is going semi-well in 2013. I am preparing to start Leadership Macon. I received my French course from Rosetta Stone. I am going to the gym about every other day. The egyptian and I are working on a few things. I bought a RED LEATHER CHAISE LOUNGE and it will be delivered tomorrow. I am THRILLED. I got my dress for All That Jazz. I am attending a class on Saturday morning at the Middle Georgia Art Association to learn how to make/color Mandalas. Finally, I am considering taking a photography course. Why not?

I know that's a lot of information - but that's what's up.

I hope you are having a wonderful New Year, thus far. We made it through the first week. Let's see where how the next one goes.

PS - Again, local people - the museum is having their Second Saturday Storytelling this Sat at 11:30am. $2 a kid - and the story is The Princess and the Frog. Have the little ones come dressed up as a princess or prince, there will be a costume party after the story telling.

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